‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ – a thought that all elders have always tried to inculcate in you since childhood. So, even if you have moved to the next phase of your life, the phrase remains completely applicable, whether it is your home or workspace. In fact, keeping your work desk organized is crucial as it has an unknowingly direct impact on your productivity. Despite the excuses people give, having a messy desk is never going to facilitate quick work delivery and rather hamper it always. Famous research studies have proven that organizing your workspace can help to organize your mind as well. Hence, whatever be your desk’s design and functionality, you must be motivated every day to create a cleaner and organized workspace for yourself.

Here is how you can do that –

Sanitize your Workspace

It is rightly said that the best defense is a good offense, implying that one should have a proactive approach towards everything in life. Similarly applies to your work area. To fight against grime and germs in your office surroundings, you should encourage handwashing and undertake actions to sanitize your workspace. You can do that easily by:

  • Using a microfiber cloth to clean computer screens and discs
  • Clearing your desk of items with an all-purpose cleaner, a vinegar-water mix, or a disinfecting wipe
  • Turning your unplugged keyboard over a waste bin and tap it to dislodge particles
  • Cleaning your mouse with a disinfecting wipe
  • Keeping hand sanitizers or sanitizing wipes on your desk for fast and easy clean-up


Declutter your Work Desk

If you want to boost your productivity, then try doing that by cleaning up the mess on your desk. Get rid of those unwanted knickknacks and office accessories lying all over. To organize all the loose papers, keep the important ones in folders or files and throw away those that aren’t required anymore. Make sure you carry out a frequent clean-up of your work desk to avoid undesirable dust and germ build-up and hence be able to work more efficiently.

Personalize your Work Space

One should never hesitate to experiment with his/her creativity levels and try to transform their monotonous work area into an interesting one. You can invest in a beautiful visual calendar, keep your notes in colorful holders, place some fresh flowers, or even add a small lamp. It is good to tailor your work area according to yourself; however, keep a check on the personal items you use. Even if they seem nice to look at or mean the world to you, you would want lesser distractions and have more space.

Keep a Waste Bin within Your Reach

Having a trash can away from your work desk is one of the reasons behind a messy workspace. When people have to get up to reach the trash, they either keep it on their desks for the next few hours or try to play trashcan paper toss. This whole sight becomes highly unpleasant to the eye. So, make sure that the trash can is close to your chair so you can quickly reach it out.

Also, the waste bins must be emptied every day. Although this may sound like an excessive burden, when followed, you will actually see the difference and feel your office becoming a better place. Creating an organized and clean workspace isn’t any rocket science. All you need is a little motivation and schedule a designated time each day to organize what you want and dump what you don’t want.