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5 Hottest Short Haircuts for Older Women to Try Before the End of This Year

From bobs to shags to pixies, and other natural chic styles, there are a wide array of beautiful short haircuts for older women. These are not dull hairstyles, either. They are chic, sophisticated and classy styles that are all in-trend right now. The best thing about short haircuts is that they flatter all women. However, though some haircuts are universal, others look more beautiful on specific shapes of faces and hair textures.

The aim here is to get the best short haircut that suits your face shape and personality. So, if you are all set for a new look, here is a great post to read these hairstyles will offer you inspiration to visit your stylist.

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  1. A Stylish Pixie

Stylish pixies look great on petite, slim women, those with long beautiful neck and thick hair. For tall women with curves, it can also be an excellent choice. Consider going a little longer if you are slim, tall with a small bust. You will realize that having lots of volume in your tresses complements your natural body shape.

  1. A Hip Short Haircut

This is a beautiful short haircut for older women you cannot miss to try. It is a modern take on the standard classic pixie cut and will show off your natural hair in an exceptional manner. If you want to transform your hair from looking bumpy to cool, call your stylist and he will show you the style that will suit you best. Though it is good to stick to one particular stylist, it is good to see what a different stylist has for you.

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  1. Red, Dark and Bold

This look is gorgeous to look at. It is worn funky with spikes and extended bangs. The dark red hue is what gives this haircut statement. It is an ideal short haircut for older women with an oval-shaped face and soft personality. It appears so professional and playful. One thing about this hairstyle is that you will require to keep the shade and keep off from the light grey hair. It calls for a lot of maintenance so you should note that as you explore this fresh style.

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  1. Simple, Sleek and Short

Simple styles are beautiful in their way, and that is why they are an excellent option for many women. This haircut is suitable for thin, straight tresses since the added length boosts body and angles. This is a haircut that is effortless to maintain, ideal for busy professional women or those who are opposed to lots of fuss.

  1. Just Spike It

These short haircuts for older women require you to have a bod personality to wear them. It is an ideal choice for black women looking to go short but still show they have a lot of spunk left. This haircut will look best for older women with thick hair.

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