Whether you are an African expatriate hoping to live in contact with what is going on in your own home united states of America, a capacity visitor hoping to do studies on the great place to visit, a political scholar striving to recognize the development in Africa, or truely nicely-wisher dedicated to unloading of few bucks to chip within the useful resource for Africa, translating the statistics you study into valuable understanding is a crucial assignment.

Like any other continent, Africa gives a hard and fast of complex realities that can provide a conflicting outcome for the celebration involved; furthermore, having access to the records you need is not usually evident among the statistics you search for and the records you locate. Below is a brief description of criteria to consider while reading or getting to know information on Africa. While the listing is not one of a kind, and can certainly be extended, I consider this preliminary guidepost may additionally assist. Feel loose to feature or take into account additional useful factors.

1. Consider the source of the statistics

Africa is a very complicated place, that mixes many world and realities, the gap between the rich and the bad creates in many places two unique societies whose world hardly ever collide. For that cause, news resources are often tailored to at least one institution or the other. Understanding the supply of the statistics will help you verify the legitimacy of the statistics you have. For instance, is it a neighborhood or overseas news source? Foreign assets frequently have more get right of entry to political circles because the government is greater concerned about how it’s far portrayed to the outside international. Still, foreign sources rarely give you the real pulse of the state.

If the supply is a neighborhood, take into account the accreditation. This is reflected with the aid of interviews or first-hand money owed. In Africa, Official news is often given unofficially, while legit news is a front. Thosee assets that have a close get-right of entry to the authorities are much more likely to present credible information and evaluate unaccredited resources to whom is given widespread information. (More on it also down)

2. Try to seize the angle of the statistics

In Africa, the freedom of the click isn’t a sacred obligation, and as mentioned above, loose and transparent information aren’t obvious. As a result, the information regularly displays the angle of the source. The data you’ll get is based totally on the belief of the supply. In the West, Africa is extensively broadly speaking viewed as a continent ravaged via struggle and diseases, where impoverished human beings and authorities are suffering very hard to live on. For that reason, their lives and sports are geared in the direction of Help and the way the worldwide network can help them. As a result, maximum African news coming from the West will deal with topics such as aid, sanction, peace and conflict, and oil discovery. Human rights, rigged election and corruption are other subjects frequently dealt with; in different phrases, Western media tend to chronicle Africa’s efforts to “be part of” or emulate them.

When it comes to neighborhood media and information sources, the dilemma is specific. Elite and properly placed news resources depict the political lifestyles of u. S. A ., which means that their news is usually geared closer to bills of big political sports, inclusive of Presidential travels and visits, competition complaints, overseas funding, dignitaries visits, Diaspora news and international activities wherein the authorities participate. In quick, the one’s news assets attempt to present data from the perception of Africa to the relaxation of the arena. Finally, local media belief is regularly directed at the neighborhood population, therefore gives information on the issue that topics to locals; strength and gas troubles, employment, government promise saved or now not, schooling, political freedom, cultural and social shield, and so forth.

3. Acknowledge the Biases

In the U.S, it’s miles regularly assumed that CNN is Pro-democrats, and Fox News is a Republican arm, regardless if genuine or no longer, that notion could be very present in Africa as well; not in the form of Republican or Democrats of the route, however, they nevertheless play a quick position. From the day of colonization, Western Nations had strategic pastimes in Africa, and Political propaganda has insured that many Westerners view a few African international locations inner guidelines as useful or threatening to their way of life.

If your African information is from a Western source, continually consider the placement of your united states of America with the African United States of America you are getting to know. Popular opinion is critical and only a few Western media will say first-rate things about the Zimbabwe authorities as an instance. Western media will provide information based totally on the countrywide hobby in their domestic us of a.

You will not often read negative document approximately the Egyptian Government that has right relations with Washington, even though it is not a beacon of Democracy, yet Zimbabwe, which has been a torn of their facet, is demonized. This is not an attempt to justify the evil of a few human beings. Still, it is worth considering that Western media will file statistics to keepg with how they desire the sure united states to be regarded.


If you desire to keep away from the biases of a Western news outlet, you are higher off attempting to find African news via African information outlets. There once more, there may be a regular bias between Pro and anti-government. Some news resources are government-subsidized, even as different are devoted to discrediting the authorities regardless of true deeds or not. In Africa, the comparison is typically very strong, as you could examine full articles of “legit” information feed that praises the authorities unashamedly, even as insults almost plague others.

Very hardly ever will you find news supply which can be independent, and it’s also very evident to differentiate the sources political leanings. Given the polarity of African societies, and the actuality of International Relations, one should not study news Biases with natural disgust, however as an aspect and essential actor of world politics; filling among diverse biases can really assist discover treasured records. But in case it does not assist, continually recall impartial information and.

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4. Identify the agendas

If for a few motives you’re not able to filter out reputable and supposedly expert information sources, do employ unbiased news sources together with NGO’s and Think Tank. Because they’re generally unaffiliated with any government, and their work is in particular primarily based on empirical information and research, NGO and Think Tank do paint a knowledgeable and comprehensive image of what goes on in Africa. Most of their works are multiplied in the direction of a wide range of topics that reflect a non-partial view of presidency activities, social realities, and global implications.

If you acquire your information via NGOs or Think Tanks, you’re maximum in all likelihood to have access to sturdy data, relying on the Think Tank, and hard core evidence of what is going on within the United States your research. The best problem supplied via NGOs and Think Tanks is they do have an agenda. The nature of their robust work is usually influenced by using the task to influence or recommendation a central authority to behave towards a trouble they view as important. Because of that time table, those companies often intensify a problem to the factor wherein it overshadows others, making it appear to be an exaggeration.

For instance, if an NGO has for agenda to reduce arms trafficking in Africa, their information may offer strong leads at the pulse of a country, with credible proof; but, their significant research on the effect of arms trafficking may also minimize other fine data, to the point of giving the impression that you could purchase Ak47 at a candy shop. This of the path isn’t always with the cause to deceive or dramatize, however with the objective of the usage of the information to convince global powers to behave on fingers trafficking. If you recognize a way to extract your statistics from those sources, they’re a brilliant balance to local and international information.

5. Check the blogs

Africa sends hundreds of thousands of its bright Sons and Daughters overseas to look at higher schooling and loses hundreds of thousands of specialists searching for a better living. While the damages of this brain drain are huge, the attachment all those Africans hold for their homeland represents a glimpse of a wish. Since they can’t at once be contained in legitimate affairs in their domestic countries due to the gap or political threats, many members of the African Diaspora voice their critiques in blogs or personal web sites.

The gain of studying the ones opinionated blogs is that it gives a personal contact and reaction to all of the different information you could have studied. Many are very knowledgeable in what they’re writing and approach it in a totally expert manner. They aren’t confined by editorial manage, so are free to present their sincere, educated opinion on what they examine, heard or skilled in and out of Africa. If they are not that informed on African affairs anymore, many nevertheless have households abroad who can deliver them first account to file on what’s going on.

Because they may be such a lot of blogs associated with Africa, you can not simplest compare statistics and news; however, additionally, engage the writers and have a better feel on how and in which they get to mention what they’re saying. For the majority, this is a treasured supply because, on the pinnacle of fashionable political beliefs, they can offer a personal one and give a perception of how and wherein humans live their normal, no longer to say hotspots are.

The drawback of Blogs is that it is in spite of everything simply private reviews, and personal opinions may be influenced or inspired via notion, Bias, and /or agenda. It isn’t always unusual for exile politicians to mount an opposition from overseas, some thing blogs have a tendency to make less complicated, so caution is advised because of this.

6. Search for supportive news

Every news agency is looking for a scoop, and none wants to be ignored of sizable statistics. Whenever you stumble on interesting information for your research, after identifying the supply, usually make sure to search if that information is reprised by using different information stores. When it involves Africa, it’s far very commonplace for information to be generalizing, but in case you experience you got here across useful data, always double test if you may find it in different Western resources (if those wherein your number one sources), and then in nearby African resources.

Check-in Blogs and social sites if it is being mentioned, or better create a new dialogue. The truth of the problem is that in case you are searching out information on Africa, the complexity of its kingdom does no longer prefer taking any statistics at face price but insuring that it is shared, discussed, and not hostage to any notion and bias will assist you to have right grip on what is going on.

7. Use not unusual sense

In politics, matters appear for a cause, from a coup d’Etat to a social rebellion, and political instability to worldwide sanction. Africa isn’t always every other planet we know nothing about, and it did now not appear without a beyond or history. In everything you examine or find out about Africa, recall the context and do not forget history. Famine and poverty no longer come suddenly; wars all have a spark plug, terrible countries need to have now not the ability to buy weapons they do now not manufacture.

The context and the historical truth that today hyperlinks nearly all international locations on Earth presents the fertile floor on how you will receive the information you obtain, they way you obtain it. Knowledge is a light to which is drawn a malicious program called a hobby, and commonplace sense needs to assist you to navigate the waves of incorrect information closer to the land of comprehension of the subject of your studies. As stated, this is a listing that may be extended and perfected, but for all who’ve at one factor or any other, examine African news or desired to understand what is going in Africa, I desire that little list will be useful the next time it takes place.