Lower back in April of 2003, I had completed setting up my DJ gadget for a wedding reception in an expensive downtown Omaha hotel. Proper on cue, the guests started to clear out in, and I began the smooth jazz cocktail hour track. I headed over to the bar for a soda. Because the bartender passed me the soft drink I ordered, he directly said, “three greenbacks, please.” Assuming he changed into joking, I walked away laughing as I thanked him. He quickly informed me that he wasn’t kidding and better pay up on my newly obtained debt with an extreme expression. It becomes then that I noticed the sign on the bar. “Drinks $5.00 – Beer $4.00 – tender Liquids $3.00.” Overhearing some of the visitor conversations around the bar, I seemed not the handiest one amazed via the drink expenses.

Whilst it comes time to offer Tips and recommendations to my clients, I must look back on my experiences as a marriage DJ. In this text, we’ll cover a few recommendations that are frequently disregarded or seen as no big deal by way of brides and grooms as they plan for their wedding ceremony receptions. Those Guidelines, however, WILL make the difference among happy guests and sad ones at your wedding reception. In short, the subsequent Hints will grow the probabilities that your visitors will stick around and have a brilliant time at your reception.

I recognize that many professionals provide several Hints and pointers inside the Wedding ceremony enterprise, and in instances, it’s tough to take it all in. Certainly, many stuff has to come together to ensure that everything for your Wedding ceremony day is a success. After speaking and interviewing thousands of brides, I noticed three awesome commonalities that a maximum of them had While laying out their expectations for their receptions. They desired to:

1. Hold the activities moving easily.

2. Hold the visitors from leaving early.

3. Hold guests dancing and having fun.

As a DJ, I have had the unique benefit of being the primary one to arrive at and the remaining to leave from masses of Wedding receptions. Because of this, I sense comfortable and assured as I offer the advice you are approximate to read. All in all, I’ve continually felt that in case you want to have a hit reception, one of the single most crucial things you can do is to recollect things out of your visitors’ point of view.

TIP 1 – Never rate visitors for Liquids

In terms of weddings, brides and grooms are often limited by the limitations of their budget. There are sincerely some shortcuts you could take to save a touch of money. However, be cautious! One location I strongly recommend you not to skimp on is the bar. Making invited visitors pay for their Drinks isn’t an awesome idea, and it’s going to stifle the environment. The fact of the problem is that guests don’t like paying for Beverages. Plus, a unfastened bar is often all it takes to Hold the guests who’re on the fence from leaving early.

I do now not for a minute encourage binge consumption or any abuse. I’ve learned that the visitors will loosen up, dance, and have a better time While the bar is loose (or, in Wedding ceremony terms, “hosted”). The lowest line is that if you need visitors to paste around and experience preferred, an open bar should.

TIP 2 – Don’t start the reception too early

Within the summertime of 2007, I used to be the DJ for a reception that started at 2:30 in the afternoon. The occasion changed into held at a rustic membership that had large windows everywhere in the reception room and left out a stunning golfing direction. For the reception, the bride and groom anticipated having plenty of dancing until the 8:30 give-up time.

With the aid of 4:00, the dinner, toast, and cake-reducing have been over, and it changed into time to get the dancing underway. With an upbeat mindset and a preference to rock the birthday party, I started the dance track. No matter my great efforts, I may want to get every person to bounce hard, and the reception become over by way of 5:30. Other than the shortage of dancing, the afternoon went properly, and even though I received lots of compliments, the groom expressed to me his unhappiness that there has been very little dancing.

After hearing approximately the groom’s unhappiness, I felt I had come what may allow him down. However, in reality, the occasions have been just no longer conducive to plenty dancing. It is tough to get human beings in the mood for dancing at 4:00 in the afternoon in a solar-crammed venue. Beverages don’t float like they generally could, and people will normally leave early, knowing they still have most of their evening in advance of them.

An excellent time to begin a reception is around 6:00 P.M. in the night. Any in advance, and you danger dropping the feeling of a night time out on your visitors. Better but, if you aren’t making plans for a church ceremony, you could need to don’t forget to have your right at the reception venue. You won’t fear approximately transportation, and you’ll have the luxury of timing the right toward the reception.


TIP 3 – Keep away from long-term gaps between ceremony and reception

I latterly arrived at the installation of my DJ equipment for a reception that was supposed to start at 6:00 P.M. When I arrived at 4:30 to begin putting in; there had been already 50 humans inside the room simply sitting there in silence. For a second, I idea I used to be overdue. However, I got here to discover that the general public sitting around had been out-of-metropolis visitors who have been there because 3:00. The wedding had been at 1:00 at a local church, and after the ceremony, Those out-of-town visitors had nowhere else to head, so they headed over to the reception venue. By the point the reception officially commenced at 6:00, Those visitors were sitting around for three hours. Most of these visitors ate dinner and left.

You have to recall the time hole between the crease of your ceremony and the beginning of your reception. Ideally, your guests have to pass Right from the ceremony to the reception. The larger the distance in between, the harder It is for your guests. I recognize that those who have the ceremony of their church can’t simply pick out the time that bests suits them and ought to paintings around regular church services. Many churches will need you to have a Saturday rate among midday and a couple of 00 p.M. It truly is quality; however, keep in mind that following the sort of rate directly with the reception will mean that the reception will begin too early inside the day. To compensate, a few couples get married early inside the afternoon and delay the reception until later in the night.

My recommendation is to have the ceremony as late within the afternoon (or early nighttime) as possible and schedule the reception to comply with it at once. If an early ceremony is your most effective option, ensure your out-of-metropolis visitors recognize the reception will be later and provide them with ideas to keep them busy among the rite and reception. Preferably, you need to host your right in the same area as your reception. Many facilities can provide a pleasing area as a way to have your right. If it’s viable, you ought to check it out.

TIP 4 – Venue Lighting fixtures

There is a venue in my town that has a fundamental Lights machine. The lighting is either all on or all off. There is no choice to dim any lighting fixtures, so all lightings are generally left on. This makes it very hard to get human beings in the mood for dancing. In any case, nobody desires to be the highlight, and vibrant lights over the dance ground can prevent the atmosphere. This tip may be heartfelt: to create surroundings for dancing, the lights should be dimmed.

TIP 5- do not stand near the go out

Remember the fact that the exit is nearly constantly in the same vicinity as the doorway. After you and all of the guests have arrived, try and Avoid status anywhere close to the go-out. Status through the go out at any time at some point of the reception gives off the impression that you are there to mention goodbye to guests leaving. Earlier than you realize it, you’ll have (as opposed to a receiving line). To keep your party alive and shifting, Keep away from status close to the go-out. You In no way need to communicate to the guests that it is time to depart except its miles!

TIP 6 – Have a fun grand entrance

Part of having an amusing, dance-crammed night is starting the whole thing off with a bang. There’s no better way to begin a reception with excitement than to make a grand front. This does not handiest get you in a temper for the birthday party; it additionally receives the momentum rolling and puts your visitors inside the spirit of getting a laugh.

As you and your Wedding ceremony party arrive at the reception, have your DJ or Emcee line you and The marriage celebration up to be introduced as you input the reception venue—select fun music to be performed while everyone’s names are announced. As a DJ, I constantly get the target market clapping along to the track’s beat as you all enter. It’s miles all, approximately placing the tone for the nighttime, and there is no better manner to do this than to have a thrilling and exciting grand entrance with your bridal birthday celebration.

TIP 7 – Keep away from an offensive song

Occasionally, I paintings for brides and grooms who insist that I play a song that is littered with colorful innuendos and language. This musical pursuit on your reception is fairly unwell-recommended. The reality is that you can now not recognize anyone in your guest listing as in detail as you may think. Why take the chance of offending someone with the vulgar song? I’ve visible guests stroll out of reception because of the loud or offensive track.

TIP 8 – Brush aside tables When having a buffet-fashion dinner

From behind my DJ desk, as I looked at the two hundred visitors status in line for the buffet at a reception, I couldn’t assist. However, suppose that These human beings might have been sitting at their tables, playing communique. Alternatively, they have been weaving inside and out of tables, ready in a protracted line for food. I jokingly compare this situation to a herd of farm animals lining up for the trough.

This case leads to awkward emotions for the guests who’re already seated with their food in addition to for those standing in line Proper after them as they sit and devour. I have visible this occurs hundreds of instances at some stage in my career, and It’s miles usually uncomfortable.

You may select considered one of two answers for this hassle. First, you can have a plated meal (or sit-down dinner) in which the body of workers serves the meals immediately to the guests at the same time as they may be seated. 2nd, if you are having a buffet-fashion meal, you can have the tablet launched for dinner.

Ask your DJ, host couple, or catering body of workers to Brush aside each desk one or two at a time. In my view, I felt this ought to be done via your DJ when you have one because otherwise, there is not much for the DJ to do throughout dinner. While releasing tables, your DJ can discover which the “amusing” tables are and solicit music requests. This may allow the visitors to experience like part of the approaching occasions.

TIP 9 – Use round tables

I latterly DJed for a reception at a nearby u. S. A . club in which the format of the tables felt like I used to be the announcer for bingo night time on the neighborhood legion hall. The room becomes full of 8-foot tables, and there were 6 rows of them inside the room. Every row has 5 tables coated up end to end. Visitors going to and from their seats needed to weave down lengthy aisles of human beings, and there have been times When aisles were blocked.

As crazy as it sounds, the type of tables you provide to your Wedding ceremony visitors will affect the social factor of the nighttime. Apart from the head desk, you may want to Keep away from the same old 6′ or 8′ tables for the visitor seating. Long, 6′ or 8′ tables are harking back to a large number corridor or a lunchroom putting and will detract from any elegance. Furthermore, long tables aren’t conducive to conversation.

My recommendation is to pick out round tables for visitor seating constantly. This setup puts all of the visitors on the same playing discipline for socializing and mingling. It additionally eliminates the theatre-like seating, in which you need to experience guilty approximately getting up and transferring via a crowded aisle. Similarly, spherical tables make it simpler for the bride and groom to circulate some of the visitors. Ultimately, they provide the guests with higher viewpoints of the whole thing this is going on throughout the night, supporting to Maintain them engaged.

Very last Thoughts

In terms of planning your Wedding ceremony reception, many factors can affect how engaged your visitors are and whether they leave the reception early. I’ve seen the Suggestions presented in this newsletter get neglected extra times than I wish to count. I hope Those thoughts have stimulated you to remember your Wedding reception from your guests’ point of view.

Hi, my call is Steve Bergeron.

The bottom line is: if you are going to listen to 1 man or woman on how to Preserve guests at your Wedding ceremony reception dancing, drinking, socializing, and playing themselves, you should listen to a person whose job is to entertain at weddings. With over two decades of experience as an expert cellular DJ, I can proportion interior secrets to keeping your guests at The marriage reception happy and having a top-notch time.