So you need to turn out to be an Android Dev? It is unquestionable that Android is one of the dominating working systems at the smart smartphone market these days. It has the best variety of device activations and is developing continuously. Even while thinking about it is pros and cons, Android is a totally attractive environment for builders.

Many factors of Android deliver it an area over different structures. There are but a few elements of Android that some would possibly take into account a downside. This article isn’t always a listing of Android pros and cons, because that is arguable. This article should but describe some essential aspects which you as a developer ought to recognise.

Android is Open Source

Android is open supply and is below the Apache 2.Zero license. So what does that imply to you as an Android dev? It does no longer suggest which you ought to distribute your packages beneath the Apache 2.Zero license as nicely. It does however suggest that the framework is being continuously advanced by means of an open community. The official body of this community is named “The Open Handset Alliance” (OHA). It consists of a number of the top device producers inclusive of Samsung, HTC and LG in addition to many other organizations operating in unique fields.

This plays a big function in the fast and constant improvement of the platform as a whole. As a developer, you’ll note new improvements and tools furnished with every new version.

Custom Firmware

Since Android is open supply, many custom and unofficial firmware were developed. Some are criticized for having terrible satisfactory, while others are praised for being superior in some areas over some of the pinnacle dealer firmware.

The massive variety of custom firmware ought to not have an effect on you as an Android dev. You ought to but keep in mind that the cease consumer’s device won’t be well suited with some capabilities depending on the firmware.

One Time Payment

Unlike many systems, getting an Android developer’s account calls for a one-time symbolic price. No other expenses down the street for the use of any of the developer services. So you should now not fear if your apps do not become making any cash.

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No Review Process

Normally you’ll want to publish your app to Google Play to attain the largest quantity of people. The maximum debatable element of Android is that there is no overview manner for having your app posted on Google Play. There isn’t any waiting time, your application must end up visible for your target market quickly once you put up it. This does no longer imply that developers should not care approximately exceptional. If you need to beat the opposition and be the pinnacle search effects, writing high best apps and trying to set yourself apart is a guaranteed manner to get you there.

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