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BHUBANESWAR: Audit findings on the procurement of products, together with computers and accessories, with the aid of the Governor’s Secretariate at some stage in 5 years between 2011 and 2016 without adhering to the acquisition formalities have pointed fingers at irregularities inside the pinnacle workplace.

According to the audit file accessed via ‘The Express,’ computer systems and laptops of around `40. Seventy-one lakh had been procured without e-book of commercial inviting smooth in the nearby newspaper. The audit by using the Accountant General’s (AG) office found that Orissa Computer Application Centre (OCAC) changed into asked to supply the objects in opposition to which the center had submitted the price estimate. Subsequently, the quantity becomes sanctioned and paid to OCAC.

As according to the Odisha General Financial Rules (OGFR), offers should be invited following a fair evident and reasonable method and the authority must fulfill itself that the price of the chosen provider is low and regular with the first-class required. “Purchase formalities as stipulated in OGFR had been no longer followed rendering the procurement method lacking in efficiency, economic system and transparency. The opposition among the gives became omitted to get the aggressive fee of distinctive merchandise,” the audit file said.

Though `30.02 lakh changed into drawn from the treasury in one of a kind payments at some point of 2013-sixteen in the direction of buy of computer add-ons, the audit noticed that the quantity turned into launched to companies without receipt of substances.
The officials on the Governor’s Secretariate have also been pulled up for a price of consultancy fee and carrier rate to OCAC, a rush of expenditure within the closing area of the financial year, abnormal purchase of `three,06,579 and abnormal charge of the VAT to distinct suppliers besides inadequate grievance redressal mechanism. The audit located that of 11,691 complaint petitions obtained all through 2014-sixteen even though 1,944 reply reports were obtained from distinct places of work, the petition phase of Governor’s Secretariate did now not take any action to intimate the candidates concerning disposal of their programs.

In respond to the AG, whilst the Principal Secretary to the Governor said OCAC had taken due steps to observe monetary system for supply of computers and accessories, the audit file said it is not tenable as OCAC has to finalise the specification and configuration after structures requirement look at at the same time as purchase needs to be made via the workplace concerned.


What You Need to Know About Business Tax Audits

Receiving a letter from the IRS informing you of an audit isn’t a reason for panic mainly if you record your enterprise tax well and on time. However, with all of the different things which you want to take care of, balancing some time among coping with your business and preserving the music of your tax obligations may be complicated. For this purpose, you could devote errors that could by chance provide a crimson flag to the IRS. It is because of this that every commercial enterprise must have a business tax lawyer to keep away from such issues and make resolutions if the need arises.

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Keeping correct facts

Hiring an attorney for any motive may be pricey. Many human beings and enterprise owners do away with the idea of hiring a business tax legal professionals until they genuinely have to. Often, this is a mistake that might probably put you out of commercial enterprise or price you extra than what you can pay. If you want to avoid hiring an enterprise tax attorney and keep away from an audit from the IRS, you need to keep all accurate records of all your monetary transactions mainly documents to show your deductions. Organizing your information will make it easier with a purpose to prepare your income tax returns and minimize errors.

Organizing your statistics

To preserve song of all your prices and deductibles, arrange all your bills in a report and preserve stubs of your checkbooks. Keep your receipts and categorize them so that you will understand which revenue is for a specific proposal. Throughout the year, hold your deductibles in a magazine together with all assisting documents and music your value foundation for every belonging and taxable investments. This can also look like a tedious technique, however, doing so will save you loads, even hundreds of greenbacks in again taxes and enterprise tax lawyer fees if ever confronted with an IRS audit.

Chances of being audited

For a median taxpayer, chances of being audited by the IRS are fantastically low. However, there are definite factors that would contribute to the probability of being audited. These elements consist of a massive amount of charitable deductions, substantial commercial enterprise deductions, erroneous reporting of your W-2 or 1099 shape, too much-itemized deductions, cash receipts which might be concealed, preceding data of tax audits or issues, and complicated business and investment transactions.

In case of an audit

If known as for a review, you have to make all the necessary preparations. If you decide to wait for a check your self, offer most honest information that is associated with the review and in no way volunteer additional facts as you may be subjecting your person to also research. Respectively, it’s miles fantastically recommended which you get a commercial enterprise tax attorney because they may be very adept at the count number and cannot be without difficulty intimidated by an IRS agent. They also are informed within the bits and bobs of the system, so they realize the way to give you a truthful negotiation with the IRS. They could be able to correct any mistakes and make amendments to your tax returns to decrease the quantity of returned taxes you owe if any.

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