ChatNOW Apk is an application for Facebook applications that the social networking giant offers. The name of the application has no relation to Facebook or any other related brand. However, it is similar to other Facebook applications that are available on the internet. This application enables the user to read and reply to messages in a chat format. Chat NOW also allows the user to share pictures and videos.

ChatNOW Apk

The use of this application may seem to be risky. After all, the user does not have access to the computer where the application is installed. In such a scenario, one cannot check the functioning of the application from time to time. Also, it is obvious that if the user finds out that the chat application has been hacked, he will be in trouble.


However, this risk does not apply to all ChatNOW users. The social networking giant provides the application for all its customers. Therefore, any issue related to security will not be affecting anyone. On the contrary, a hacker will only hack the application’s database and not the actual user.

The other important feature provided by the ChatNOW Apk is the ability to share the password. This is very useful for the user who keeps changing his password on different websites. With this application’s help, one can reset his choice password and can use the same without any difficulty. However, this feature has been subject to scanners by various companies as they are not supposed to share their passwords with anyone.

It is, however, advisable that one does not reveal any secret to anyone. This way, there is no scope for someone to obtain information about one’s personal life. Chats NOW also enables the user to send and receive emails. The best part is that emails sent through this application are encoded, and so no one will be able to read them. All the necessary information, including the email address, must be provided by the user before the message is sent. However, sending messages in this application is free of cost.

ChatNOW Apk is one of the simplest ways to chat online. It does not require the user to have much knowledge of computers. Though it is comparatively new in the market, it has been found that it is quite helpful for users. The user finds it easy to contact people through these easy chat applications.