Most people have smartphones with our e mail accounts configured on them. But this newsletter is aimed at those who are simply getting to know to get hooked on mail on their cellphone. We have compiled a list of common issues which may additionally intimidate you when you setup your phone to get hold of electronic mail.

Mails Disappear From Server

This is one of the maximum common problems that occur whilst a brand new cell device has been configured to accept mail. This is particularly general while an e-mail account is being shared with the aid of a couple of humans in an company. The trouble that occurs is that the shortly after the brand new mobile phone or pill is configured with the e-mail account, the mails are downloaded onto that tool. However, after they’re downloaded, they disappear from the webmail of the account or can not be downloaded onto a computer patron which has that account configured. This happens whilst your cell device is configured to “Remove mails from the server once they’re downloaded”. You surely need to set this feature no longer to delete from server after they’re downloaded, in order that different gadgets and mail clients also can down load them. You might also have the option of deleting the downloaded mails from the server after a sure number of days. Setting this option will clean your online mailbox constantly.

Incorrect Login Details

Another not unusual issue is supplying incorrect login credentials on your e-mail customer. While password issues are without problems identifiable, many human beings don’t recognize that their username is also as critical. Wrong spellings, adding more characters, leaving trailing areas and forgetting to position @domainname.Com on the give up of the username are all commonplace issues which you can face whilst configuring an account in your cell device.

Incorrect Port Numbers

Another recognized configuration nightmare is coming into an appropriate port wide variety which your email server uses to permit mail to get right of entry to from remote devices. There are various port numbers which specific carriers use, however maximum generally, port 110 is used for incoming mail through POP3 and port 143 is used to receive mail thru IMAP. Port No. 25 is used to send outgoing mail i.E. Through SMTP. If you choose a safety protocol to your server, you furthermore may want to trade the port range to at ease ports. This is where the most confusion happens. You can constantly consult your e mail company for the correct settings and guidelines.


Another not unusual headache when configuring email to your cellular devices is locating out what safety protocol to use. The mail server desires to provide assistance for that machine in order that your tool and server can each create a cozy connection for shifting your mail. STARTTLS is a present day protocol which isn’t always usually used by all mail servers. Some gadgets provide the choice to “take delivery of all certificate” which you want to select to make sure that the configuration system is going thru easily. Else, you can want to manually receive the certificate whilst a warning pops up in your display.

New Mail Does Not Show Up Immediately

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Although this trouble isn’t related to the server, many users whinge that their mails are not being shown instantly or that they’re not being notified of the arrival of a new e-mail while it comes into their webmail. This is most actually due to the fact that account syncing isn’t always enabled in your tool or that the sync time on your telephone has been set to a high price. This means that if your device is set to sync every 30 minutes, you may not be notified of a mail which turned into received inside the intervening time duration of 30 minutes. Lowering this value will purpose the smartphone to constantly test with the server for any new mails, but can be pricey on battery existence and information utilization.

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