1- What is a computer virus:

A PC virus is software that can replicate itself and spread from one inflamed laptop to any other. The infected objects can be gadgets, applications, or document documents. After infecting your computer, it might slow it down, harm the contents of the inflamed files, misell the information, or defect your computer structure’s ordinary operation.

The virus can also use your PC to propagate unlawful ads and ship spam emails that make the safest (adWare). Scouse borrow your facts,,includinginancial institution account variety, credit score card number, etc. (SpyWare). Some kinds of viruses might use your computer to create a bot internet (digital computer network) to assault different server systems and websites, and many others.

2- Type of viruses on Windows-base totally computers:

Several PC viruses may hinder the functioning of your laptop. Here are a number of the one-of-a-kind sorts of viruses:

Trojan Horse: Trojan Horse is an electronic mail virus created using a file connected to an email. If opened, it may scour your hard pressure for non-public and monetary information about your social safety, account, and PINs. Once it has gathered your info, it’s far despatched via the internet to a hacker or thief.

Macro Virus: It is a laptop virus that infects the Visual Basic language files for applications and Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc. This kind of virus can cause harm (including getting rid of facts on the difficult disk, for instance).

Worms: It is an application that can self-mirror itself. It can flow from one PC to any other and reflect itself to your laptop machine, then spread hundreds of its copies to other computers that would cause extensive spread harm.

Rootkit Virus: It is feasible software to cover the strategies, documents, and information in the PC Registry (a database used to save Windows’s machine and application settings). A rootkit is usually used to cover the activities of viruses and processes that damage your computer. It is to assist a hacker in controlling the machine.

Boot sector Virus: A virus that attaches itself to the primary part of the hard disk. The computer examines this upon bootup. These normally unfold by way of floppy disks.

Logic Bombs: It is a program used to ship many records to the same electronic mail address and crush the machine or block the server connection. It is likewise used to threaten others (for example, mail bombs and so forth.).

Memory Resident Virus: This kind of virus dwells in the RAM. From there, the gadget could overcome and interrupt the operations achieved. It can corrupt documents and programs which are opened, closed, copied, renamed, etc.

Multipartite Virus: These viruses unfold in multiple methods. It would vary in movement depending on where it is mounted and positive documents.

Computer Viruses

3- How do you get an endemic and Prevention:

These are three common ways that your laptop may get infected with viruses:

Email: You get an email from a person that incorporates one or more viruses. If the attachment is opened, the viruses might also infect documents within the computer. The viruses might also shiroutinely p emails to people from your email address book or email folders roou must not open unknown attachments in emails or do an endemic scanning after establishing them.

Internet: Viruses are probably transferred to your PC if you download an ex document or a data record from the Internet or other shared networks. Sometimes, the loose software programs on the Internet have viruses, especially if downloaded from assets including Torrent or Usenet information agencies. Therefore, if important, you ought to download files from relied-on sources.

Peripheral devices: The devices with an MP3 player, USB thumb drive, Memory card, or CD Rom are also the approach for spreading viruses. So, don’t forget to do a virulent disease test for them after they’re connected to your laptop.