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“We got to look new stone substances, and design opportunities,” say Utkarsha, who does no longer provide a 2d name. She, Shivani Methi and Bhumika Ostwal are excitedly exploring the variety of latest substances available. They are a part of a collection of 50 indoors design students from the Institute of Fashion, Media & Allied Arts, Aurangabad, right here in Pune on a subject trip to peer A&i Digest’s Design Exhibition.

Founded twenty years in the past by means of editor Amit Danait, A&i Digest has been organizing the exhibition for 15 years. Mr. Danait says the reason is “to carry structure and indoors design developments, worldwide and ethnic, to the hundreds.”

This 12 months’s edition functions exhibitors from a hundred structure and interior layout studios, with design answers from around the sector, and a window to progressive tendencies throughout residential, industrial, panorama & urban planning projects, covering the gamut from herbal stone materials to integrated automation systems, ergonomic kitchen countertops and stretchable ceilings, laser-reduce metal and acrylic lighting fixtures answers, HD veneer prints, brick cladding available at much less than ₹a hundred twenty five/sq.Toes. And hybrid surfaces like a mixture of acrylic and aluminum trihydrate (ATH). The hybrid acrylic-steel hydroxide composite created with micro-machining procedure technology by means of Infini consists of 36% acrylic, 63% ATH, that’s a fireplace retardant, and 1% coloring marketers.

The trending home and office solutions seem to be automation, with prices ranging from as low as ₹30000 for Belgian dressmaker switches by way of TENSE to ₹1,50,000 for automation solutions with the aid of CasaDigi & Texecom. On show are individual items like contact panels, motion sensors, and biometric identification gadgets, in addition to companies like CasaDigi and Elan who are showcasing the opportunities of a centralized automation interface. The CasaDigi interface lets in otherwise branded electronic objects to be included using an aggregate of well-suited hardware just like an amplifier for integrating sound inputs, and proprietary software and enabling centralized control, which includes switching digital appliances on and off and lights which could change coloration.

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With the exception of solar panels, the green buyer seeking out sustainable and environmentally-pleasant materials will find presentations centered extra on the layout instead of green layout solutions consisting of natural building materials or biocomposites and plenty of stalls providing importers of fixtures and lighting solutions. Nidhi Jaju, of structure and design firm Exclusive, says clients are seeking out products not without difficulty to be had in India which includes certain furniture designs. Deepti Shah, an indoors fashion designer for 15 years who runs her personal company, Mud House, says the consumer is greater awareness in terms of design choices, with functionality on the top of the concern listing for working experts, which has led to minimalist designs. But, she says, fusion designs are also presently trending, inclusive of ethnic styles with useful traces.

“This is a clearly accurate opportunity to have interaction with one-of-a-kind clients,” Ms. Shah says. “We’re glad to be showcasing our designs right here.” For visitors, and in particular design students like Utkarsha and her pals, the exhibition provides a brilliant manner to discover what cutting-edge layout can offer.

For years the preserve of punks, sailors, and madmen, tattoos have loved something of the latest renaissance; anywhere you look you can see a flash of ink peeking from below T-shirt sleeves, designs snaking up legs and indeed complete arms patterned with gothic lettering, oriental dragons or bare-breasted, elfin ladies. The tattoo is lower back; we have no concept whether it’s going to stay, or certainly how long it’ll live for, however, let’s accept it, it’s back, and we’d as properly experience it.

Now there are positive designs that appear to be eternally popular, along with the aforementioned gothic lettering, Celtic crosses, and Maori symbols, but let’s accept it, these designs aren’t exactly sexy, are they? After all, having your call needled into your arm is not lots more than a glorified identity badge, and if there isn’t always any Celtic or Maori blood coursing through your veins, those crosses and symbols are not anything greater than stolen cultural artifacts. So if you don’t need to spend your lives with a cliché scored for your pores and skin, it is higher to think lengthy and tough about getting a tattoo it truly is going to live attractive for lifestyles.

Sailor tattoos can also wash up pics of gruff, solar-broiled mariners, but if we dare to appearance nearer – or better still, appearance them up online (no need to ask a seaman for a glance at his ink), then we see a few stunning, sensual, conventional designs. From rosy-cheeked mermaids to buxom, winking pin-ups, thru the attractive-dangerous likes of snakes entwined around swords, sailor tattoo designs really may be a number of the sexiest. Head out to a respectable rockabilly gig, in place of heading down the docks, and you may see both sexes carrying those designs creeping up their fingers. In reality, they are likely the sexiest tattoos round proper now – there’s a sense of threat, a positive timelessness and they may be one of the most fascinating and exciting matters you may have dedicated on your pores and skin for life.

Flower Tattoos are extraordinarily famous these days for women and women. There are such a lot of one-of-a-kind shades and shapes-they’re vivid, stunning and can be designed so each is particular like no other. Here are state-of-the-art pinnacle five maximum famous flower designs and their meanings.

In trendy plants represent beauty. A flower tattoo can enhance the herbal beauty of the female form. Flowers help to remind us approximately all this is stunning in existence and nature. A flower represents that second in time in which lifestyles is at its exceptional. But vegetation is also real and we are able to relate to them in that they grow and flourish, like us, and finally wilt and fade away. The flower tattoo reminds us to revel in all the precious moments we’ve got in existence.

Here are meanings for cutting-edge pinnacle five flower tattoo designs:

Lotus Tattoos

The lotus flower tattoo has a wealthy culture and is taken into consideration to be a representation of the spiritual presence in a person’s existence. The lotus is a symbol of desirable success, power, lengthy existence, honor and recognize. It also stands for clarity of both heart and thoughts. The lotus tattoo can also be an exceptional image for someone that has gone thru a war and emerged more potent than earlier than.

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