Anyone who spends time online has likely come across an internet troll. These are the people who intentionally try to disrupt conversations and stir up trouble. While it can be tempting to engage with them, it’s important to remember that doing so will only feed their need for attention. So how can you deal with trolls? The first step is to understand their psychology.

As the popularity of the Internet grows, so does the number of people who don’t like what they see on the Internet. And while some trolls may be bored kids or teenagers, others are professionals who want to make a quick buck by harassing others online. Let’s face it – the Internet can be a harsh place, especially when you’re online.

While there are many reasons why people troll other people on the web, most of them are simply bored kids. Internet trolls are one of the biggest challenges in life. They are constantly posting comments on social media or online intended to cause emotional pain and distress. It might seem that no one would want negative thoughts to hurt them. But the sad reality is that people who engage in negative behavior often try to feel better about themselves.

Internet Troll

The Principles of Internet Trolling

There are a few ways to deal with trolls. First, you should be aware that trolls exist and are not limited to kids and teenagers. They can be any age, from a teenager to a middle-aged man. Some are just bored kids, but others are paid to do it. The only surefire way to avoid them is to be aware of the trolls and their tactics.

There are three fundamental principles to dealing with trolls on the Internet.

1. Treat them like they are human

2. Avoid them like the plague

3. Report them to the relevant authorities

Why Do Some People Find Internet Trolling to Be So Much Fun?

When people talk about a topic they enjoy, they tend to enjoy it more. This is because they’ve developed a sense of pride and ownership over the issue. On the other hand, when people are talking about a topic they don’t care about, it’s boring. They feel no sense of ownership and therefore are less likely to engage.

This is a significant reason people get involved in online arguments and debates. Because they’re passionate about the topic, they tend to become invested in the outcome. They’re more likely to participate and get involved, which leads to a more positive and rewarding experience. By contrast, when someone is trolling, they’re bored. They’re simply taking part in a game they don’t care about.

What Is Internet Trolling?

Internet trolling is the act of harassing other people on the Internet. The most common targets are individuals, but businesses and organizations can also be victims. While many trolls want to make others mad, others have malicious motives. These trolls want to cause drama or disrupt other people’s online lives for their benefit. They may do this by slamming other people’s reputations or stalking them online.

How to Spot an Internet Troll

While the Internet can be a stressful place for many, there are a few things you can do to prevent yourself from being harassed online.

Most importantly, understand the psychology of internet trolls.

They mainly harass other users online because it makes them feel powerful. They use trolling tactics to get a rise out of their victims. If you’re on the receiving end of a troll, it can be challenging to spot them, as they tend to be quite clever.

How to Deal With an Internet Troll

They’re often trying to gain something from you. Sometimes they’re trying to destroy your reputation; sometimes, they’re just looking for someone to harass. Either way, dealing with an Internet troll can be a pain.

Here are some strategies to keep you from being a target of a troll:

1. Be careful where you go.

It’s not just the trolls who are dangerous; it’s also the people doing the trolling. You don’t want to give them an opening. If you’re looking for a job, a relationship, or a business opportunity, then the trolls are the perfect people to go after.

2. Don’t feed the trolls.

Many people are drawn to the trolls because they think they will get some reaction from them. The thing is, if you react to the trolls, they win. They win by making you look weak. So ignore them. Even better, block them.

3. Never feed the trolls.

As we discussed, trolls want attention. They’ll have nothing else to do but harass you if you do. So could you not give it to them?

Frequently Asked Questions Internet Troll

Q: Why are people like trolls on the internet?

A: Some people are mean. They may want attention or be mean to others to make themselves look good. Some people troll because they want to start something online or get attention by putting someone down. Some people search because they are jealous.

Q: Do you think online trolls are worse than real-life trolls?

A: Real-life trolls are much harder to deal with. You can’t ignore someone who is bullying you in real life. But with the internet, there is no one to help you.

Q: What’s the biggest misconception about being a troll?

A: The biggest misconception is that people who engage in internet trolling are just mean-spirited.

Top 5 Myths About Internet Troll

1. You must be a “nerd” or “geek” to be an internet troll.

2. Internet trolls are all men.

3. Internet trolls are all white.

4. Internet trolls do not exist; they are fictional characters created by “anonymous” internet users.

5. There are no rules to stop internet trolls.


The main reason I’m going to focus on this post is that I want you to understand how people behave in these situations. There are many reasons why someone would behave this way. It’s essential to understand this because it will help you avoid being targeted by trolls. As a side note, I will focus on the psychology of internet trolls because they tend to be the most difficult to deal with.