While we are used to seeing riders kick their pedal to start their bike, a push-button start is now a standard feature among most bikes. While a kick start adds to the machismo that bikes are all about, let’s try to look beyond and understand if one option is better than the other.

Kick Start

When getting a bike, you have to check technical aspects like bike specifications and financial aspects like your two-wheeler loan eligibility. In the middle of all these preparations, the bike’s start option is one feature that is often overlooked by many.

What’s the difference between Electric Start and Kick Start?

Let’s see the major points of difference between both start types.


When you push the start button in electric start bikes, an electric signal is sent to the battery. This, in turn, spins the gears which start the engine motor. In the case of a kick start, the pedal kick makes the gears spin and gets the motor running. That’s why electric start bikes are also called self-starts.

Difficulty and maintenance

The major advantage of kick starts is that it has fewer wires and mechanical complications than an electric start. This reduces the possibility of something going wrong with the kick start, especially in wintery conditions or when the bike has been standing idle for long. Kick start bikes don’t depend on the battery to get the gears spinning, so a low battery is not a hindrance.

On the contrary, electric start or self-start bikes are more sophisticated and risk throwing up an error or two once in a while. If you have both options, you can switch to the start that is working. But with only electric start as an option, you may be stranded if it malfunctions. Besides, there is the dependence on the battery too.


Their simplicity makes kick starts more reliable. Batteries can die or not charge up adequately in cold conditions, which makes electric start difficult. Add to it the extra maintenance for the battery.

A kick start can withstand the weather better, be it rain, dirt or snow. As avid bikers would vouch, a kick always starts works, eventually.

Also, with the low two-wheeler loan interest rates these days, more aspiring bikers are opting for the two-wheeler loan route to fulfill their dream of owning a bike.


Convenience was the main reason why self-starts were innovated in the first place. A kick start may take a few times to ignite the motor; this can be physically demanding for the rider. Electric start, however, is as easy as it can get. With one push of the button, the bike is ready to go.

Pick up

When you are in a hurry to reach somewhere or have to halt in the middle of a race, a self-start is the quickest way to restart your bike. No one would want to keep kicking their pedal while their biker friends wait eagerly.

Final Words

To sum up, it can be said that an electric start is a good feature to have on your bike to give you a head start. However, it requires higher maintenance compared to kick starts. Kick starts, on the other hand, are a definite must-have as a manual option and a ‘fail safe.’

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