South Africa is receiving Global recognition from a fashion layout angle, with sparkling new tackle garments and the words “Afro-sublime style” flying around; designers are attaining global popularity in the Fashion industry and, in doing so, are locating themselves in a position to outsource work to textile employees within South Africa. Where there may be a boost in trade, there may be a boost in jobs bringing designers, outlets, and producers collectively in South Africa while boosting the supply of positions inside this exciting enterprise.

Fashion Jobs on SA Job Portals:

A search across essential South African Job Portals added up to 1,068 jobs for the keyword “Fashion.” While this appears to be a growing enterprise, the variety of positions in evaluation to different sectors is still low. CEO of one-fourth of Africa’s leading job portals mentions that while the style enterprise is still one of our smallest activity categories, we are noticing a vast boom within the variety of jobs being posted for candidates. Our database presently has shy of 3,000 energetic task seekers registered mainly in the Fashion enterprise and currently looking for employment in this enterprise. That is double the number of applicants than jobs at the gift shop.


The average salaries for the roles for junior positions in fashion range from entry/junior level R45,000 -R11,000; for mid, the range is R12,000 – R25,000, senior R26,000 – R45,000, and executive level R 46000 +. These figures imply that the Fashion industry is in keeping with maximum profit offerings. A Leading Fashion Recruitment expert says that the fashion enterprise has seen an exceptional increase in positive sectors, mainly retail, as many new global manufacturers are being launched in South Africa; this has supplied a boom in job possibilities within the retail area.

We observed in 2012 that there was an extensive increase in humans searching out new careers. We trust this is because of the many companies inside the industry halting profit increases at some stage in the recession because the enterprise is now beginning to get better applicants and are seeking out higher prospects in terms of professional advancement as well as better monetary remuneration”.

The head of Recruitment for leading brands says applicants usually have a minimum requirement: A diploma or Degree in the fashion Industry. Two of the pleasant T diplomas received to enter the market are from Pretoria University called a BSC Clothing or a BA Degree from LISOF”.

Tips for Recruiters developing job content material for the Fashion and retail industries

For Recruiters growing and advertising job content material for the Fashion and Retail industries online, the applicable key phrases (primarily based on search volume) that they ought to place in their advertising and marketing reproduction consists of titles, headings, and meta records to trigger searches- to attract relevant job seekers, or while searching CV databases to discover appropriate applicants consist of: Jobs in Retail, Jobs in Fashion, Jobs style, fashion careers.