Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a modification for Microsoft Windows-based operating system that simulates real driving games. Extreme Car Driving Simulator mod can be installed in your computer’s memory, and it will simulate all types of car racing like drifting, off-road racing, car racing on tracks, and racing on the water, and many more. You can take pleasure in every minute of the experience as you can drive at high speed and use your handheld laser ray projector to zoom through the virtual streets and tracks. This mod can be used in single-player and multiplayer modes.Extreme Car Driving Simulator


Extreme Car Driving Simulator mod gives you an excellent chance to enjoy driving your car and winning track championships. It is an open-source application that can be modified to fit your needs. The features are multiple track selection, speed variations between different maps, and changing track layout or playing with the grid. The player has various options to choose from, like choosing the car type, the suspension type, the transmission type, the paint color, and many more. You can even put in your own driver and take pleasure in the most realistic driving experience ever.

The advanced version has added new features, like a track editor to help the players and a leaderboard for each track that can be seen. The cars have various deformations, speed, and handling traits and various engines, and they also sound as if they have their own personalities. The users can even customize the sounds by changing the sounds that the cars make. The users can also see the cars’ position on the tracks, and the player can choose to pit or just let the car travel around the track. They can change the starting speed, the break for the car, how the car breaks, jump start or even reverse while racing.

The player can also modify their car’s look with different body colors, wheel spinners, bumpers, and side skirts. They can increase or decrease the air pressure, boost the car’s power, increase the tires’ traction, change the tire’s diameter, and many more. They can also buy or sell cars, and the features of the car will be updated automatically according to the latest prices. The users can play in single or multi-player mode, and they can select the terrain and the time limit to have a good driving experience. If the players are offline, then they can also play against the computer-generated cars.

Extreme car driving simulator mod can also be downloaded to your PC. You can also play it online, or you can play it through your mobile phone. You do not need to purchase it, pay for it, download it, or sign up for a membership to play it. It is a completely free download. With this software application, you can create a virtual road with your own car and drive through any road and obstacle thrown at you.

It is not necessary that extreme car driving simulator mods must be downloaded from the internet or bought as software. You can buy them as CDs or DVDs or even burn them onto a CD if you want to play them at your home. CDs are the easiest way to play. It is more realistic and also safe to use.