If everyone knows how first-rate to hold it chic and sassy in the fashion branch and nevertheless dominate the business arena, that might be Flavilla Fongang. Born and raised in the style capital of the sector, the Parisian’s assignment is to change the hall through fashion. But who is she? Today, Outlook introduces you to the acclaimed fashion expert and hit entrepreneur worldwide.

A veritable fashion genie, Fongang also wears many different hats. Imagine having seven professions right away. Longgang is the coping director of 3 Colours Rule (a London-based international creative branding and style training institute), brand strategist, colourologist, branding speaker and teacher, inspirational speaker, type styling teacher, and author. It’s a handful, but she declared that she has not had to query her competence in those areas. As you would have guessed, developing in Paris impacted her first-rate flavor in fashion.


“Paris helped me broaden a herbal sense of style. As a French female, I love dressing chic while blending it with glam. I love fashion as it’s no longer just superficial. It’s a way to specify oneself and feel confident,” Fongang advised Outlook. It became hard for Fongang to grow up with an unmarried daughter and four siblings. But she decided to prevail, so she labored and studied simultaneously to get to where she is. Using her adolescent battles as motivation, she said she might no longer have modified something she went through.

In 2002, she made a spontaneous pass to London to participate in the Erasmus Programme, a European pupil exchange program for European Union (EU) kids who want to study the world over. Initially planning to return to Paris within 12 months, Fongang has been there for 15 years. “London turned into the great circulate I made for my career, as it’s by far the first-rate city for ambitious entrepreneurs. Witnessing British African people with successful careers changed my belief of what I ought to achieve. The more successful marketers appear as we do, the more we agree within our capability. I name this the mirror of achievement,” Fongang informed Outlook.

Being stimulated by her mother’s experience of style, who she describes as “a true diva,” Fongang intends to strategically use her organization, the three Colours Rule, through the power of favor to make a difference. “Fashion may be used to exchange stereotypes, broadcast a political message, build confidence, connect human beings, and much greater. This is what I want, to create a military of fashion stylists who make a high-quality effect on humans around the arena,” Fongang stated.

Fongang has encountered several challenges on her journey to achievement, finding herself in hard conditions without economic guidance. Although frustrating, she pursued her desires and confided in her family, pals, and mentors. Today, as the dad or mum of her achievement, she has risen above her demanding situations. To honor her efforts and more than one time of fulfillment, like a true fashionista, these days, she has 250 pairs of footwear to mark each completion (remembering the times when she had the most effective one).

“Crazy, ha! Well, I decided each time I did an aim, I might praise myself with a pair of footwear. I, in all likelihood, want to prevent it as I’m running out of space,” she stated. For Fongang, her greatest accomplishment is the one she stocks with the members of her business enterprise. Their charity challenge in Ghana for an orphanage – Drifting Angels – where they raised the budget for training, garb, and food for the youngsters is her best fulfillment. In her ability as a motivator, she continually encourages people to observe their desires. “Get uncomfortable and grow. Get uncomfortable to be the fine model for you. Remember, you want to be in a tough situation to attain the finest results,” Fongang cautioned.

Foong is understood around the arena as an influential, successful girl, but there’s more to her than her style. “I am a nonconformist because looking to follow what society desires you to do might not guarantee happiness. [Also] I’m an optimist. I usually see the silver lining and how I can analyze each scenario. I do not take myself too critically and try to preserve each moment as a laugh experience. I’m curious about humans and the world as they feed my imagination, creativity, paintings, and existence. And I’m a foodie and visitor who sees existence in coloration,” Fongang stated.

Longgang is a song lover with an eclectic playlist that includes jazz, R&B, traditional, and you. S. Tune. Her spare time activities also include telling memories in nontraditional methods via pics and spending quality time with pals and her family. When they consider urban road wear now and then, most adults make the mistake of complicating it with hip-hop. However, they’re honestly unique types of apparel manufacturers representing unique worlds.

Hip-hop fashion represents extra of the rapper and gangster type of clothing; however, urban avenue put on as a way distinct records and origin in which its roots in Southern California surfers and skaters started to broaden a ddifferentfashion that commenced to come to be referred to as skatewear and surfwear. One person became identified in this enterprise, and his name changed to Shawn Stussy.

Stussy changed into a famous surfer who came up with the concept of developing his very own line of surfboards and T-shirts in which he started to locate his very own wonderful tag. As their reputation began to rise as a surfer, the popularity of his signature surfboards and T-shirts became so famous that they started to sell properly effective in California and the US.

The popularity of Streetwear now caught on within the United States and ultimately went directly to turn out to be a big hit in Japan. The Japanese style of Streetwear became a chunk of a kind because, in Japan, their focus turned extra to the popular anime cartoons that nearly everyone in Japan watching during that time. So, by way of the early Nineteen Nineties, this fashion of anime streetwear eventually spilled and returned to the US. Also, they started to adopt it as a very famous fashion among young city teens.

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