Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko introduced that he might record a crook libel complaint towards the directors of a famous Fb web page; shoppers watch out. He diagnosed Mildred Atty Owasso and Jackson Njeru as the individuals at the back of the page. He added that he had sufficient evidence to prove they were walking an extortion racket.

“My investigations have found that Mildred Atty Owasso and her fellow Admin of shoppers pay attention to one Jackson Njeru, who is recognized as an extortionist. Already, there has been criticism pending in Kilimani Police Station by way of a woman known as Kadioli Akivanga, who she defamed after a failed blackmail and extortion try,” Sonko divulged. This came after Miss Atty was arrested on Monday over human trafficking allegations, along with her husband, Joram Odhiambi Liech.


Sonko’s name has been dragged into the complete saga, with the free Atty hashtag trending for the higher part of Monday, alleging that she has become the sufferer. However, the Nairobi governor has seen that he moved to distance himself from what he termed paid bloggers, going after his reputation to extort him. “I sensed something become amiss when Mildred’s fellow admin Jackson Njeru referred to me at once their article in opposition to me changed into posted to invite that get Mildred a little money for the story to die down,” Sonko said. The vocal governor revealed that the FB page admin’s brother, Steve Njeru, also called him Up and requested money to pull down the submission.

“I sensed this turned into an extortion ring na do Nakamura kuwanika na kupelekana nao kama cartels wake exposing, loosely translating to, I sensed this become an extortion ring which is why I have determined to show them and their fraudulent approaches,” he asserted. Sonko revealed that severa passports belonging to unique human beings were located at Ms. Atty’s house following the arrest over human trafficking, including that the couple has been held at the Buru Buru Police Station.