We always capture moments with our smartphones or digital cameras. Organizing and storing them digitally afterward sometimes becomes quite a challenge. This creates a need for a modern solution that allows you to arrange them to tell a captivating story. Below is a step-by-step guide on making the best photo book using Mixbook to preserve your favorite moments that will mean a meaningful story for years.

Pick a Topic

A photo book will tell a story for years to come. For this reason, you do not want to have a book that goes through all sorts of topics. You can settle on a wedding, vacation, birthday party, or any other matter that excites your mind. If you have so many photos that cover a major theme, go for it. There is no limit when it comes to this one.

Photo Book

Take Time to Organize Photos

The main purpose of creating a photo book is to store memories in an organized manner. Therefore, the first step should include collecting all your pictures and saving them in one folder, preferably on the desktop. It is a simple procedure that will save you a lot of time when it comes to uploading and creating your photobook.

Pick Photos

You will not include everything in the folder regarding a photo book. This requires that you choose the best photos that will make your book. Here, you can start by picking the ones you like before using quality as the second feature to consider. Remember, a poor-quality photo will appear worse when enlarged and printed.

Choose Your Favorites

The next step is crucial after you have successfully picked the best photos to appear in your book. You want to select the favorites that will be featured larger than the rest. These should be the ones you want to be in the spotlight to grab the attention of anyone who picks up your book.

Choose a Template

Mixbook has premade templates that you can choose from when making a photo book to ease your work. There is a wide range of options you can pick from, depending on what you think will interest your readers and what will go best with your theme. Keep in mind the number of photos you want to be included.

Include Text

It would help if you remembered that a photo book is meant to tell a story. Therefore, the next important thing you cannot afford to miss is to include text related to the photo. This way, the reader will have an idea, and you will be safe when the memories eventually fade with time. Always keep the text brief but with essential detail.

Let Them flow

Do not spend so much time making a book to dump them inside. You should arrange them so that a story flows even when the reader is left to go through the book alone. Mixbook makes the journey to create a photo book easy for you throughout. You get to choose a theme, upload photos, take time to edit them to your liking, add the finishing touches, and submit them for printing. Do not let pictures accumulate in your smartphone or computer unorganized. Use Mixbook today for simplicity and quality.