The construction sector forms a fundamental part of the economy. Unfortunately, the sector has been facing myriad challenges in the recent past. The industry needs to rise and meet the increasing need for higher quality, improved services, and skilled workers. And this has led to an increased demand for construction managers. The job pays highly remunerated, and you have to prove your skills to secure such a position.

How to become a Construction Manager | Career Advice - Morson

Check out the steps to becoming a construction manager:

  1. Obtain a high school diploma

A high school diploma is one of the highest qualifications for most construction managers. It was easier to secure a job in the past with such certification. But the construction industry is now more technical, and a degree certificate is ideal.

Moreover, information on the tools, machines and materials used in construction is crucial. For instance, understand the various types of cranes used in construction work. Also, recognize the useful crane parts and where to acquire them. This way, it will be easier to manage any eventualities in the course of your work.

  1. Acquire an undergraduate degree

This involves different academic pathways. Many colleges offer degree programs in construction management. However, it’s necessary to earn a specialized degree in the field. Some of the sought-after courses include; design, project control, cost estimation, building codes and contract administration.

You can land a job without a constriction degree, but this will be necessary for the future and more significant projects. In the course of learning, you’ll learn about construction materials, developing and building construction projects, managing workers, maintaining building codes and many other useful topics. You can further enroll for a masters degree in construction management.

  1. Secure an entry construction job

As you study, get an entry-level job in the construction industry. Take any position that doesn’t demand any experience. It allows you to gain more skills and construction experience. You’ll obtain lots of information on masonry, flooring, carpentry, painting and more. The experience will come in handy when you graduate.

  1. Get certification

It’s not mandatory to get certified as a construction manager. But this gives you an edge over other job seekers. It also looks good on your resume. You can get different certifications depending on your specialty area.

One of the essential certificates is the Construction Management Association of America’s Certified Construction Manager program (CCM). Such a certification assures your employers that you possess the right skills and are well experienced to work as a construction manager.

  1. Specialize in a niche

You can’t be the best manager when handling all tasks! The best way to become better as a construction manager is by getting a niche. Choose any depending on your interest, and this may be a civil engineer, senior analyst, a building inspector, designer, or contract manager. You can as well specialize in other related construction careers.

The bottom line

Big construction companies require construction managers to manage employees, follow up with clients and oversee the entire construction project. To succeed in the position, you should possess excellent communication, time management, and organizational skills. Moreover, you must enroll in various management courses and get certified.