Suppose you have ever puzzled why Planet Amend, some blogs and websites have a small icon (16×16, 32×32, or 64×64) inside the cope with the bar you’ve found the right educational. Today we will reveal to you 2 techniques to create your own icon (favicon.Ico) in your tech weblog. The first method could be accomplished using the Favicon Generator on DynamicDrive, which can be located right here.

This technique is straightforward, and the simplest calls for which you have both a gif, jpg, png, or bump photograph with a maximum report size of 150.00kB. Pick the photo you want to use for your icon-based totally on the one’s tips and click their Create Icon button – wallah, a download hyperlink to your favicon.Ico may be given.

* Create the favicon.Ico file the use of the DynamicDrive FavIcon Generator

* Save the favicon.Ico record in your PC

* Login to your internet space thru FTP

* Upload the favicon.Ico record to the foundation listing of your FTP (instance HTTP docs or public_html)

* Add the subsequent code on your header. Hypertext Preprocessor document within the HEAD segment *see the backside of put up*

* If you’re the usage of The Thesis Theme for WordPress, virtually upload the code above in Thesis Options / Header Scripts

This might be the very best and fastest way to get your favicon up and running for your tech weblog. The alternate must be immediate. However, it might require that you’re empty the cache for your net browser. From my reports, IE and Google Chome replace the favicon nearly immediately after refreshing the web page. However, I’ve had Firefox absorb to some days earlier than the change is going into impact. The second approach for developing a favicon.Ico record requires that you have Adobe Photoshop.

* Download the ICO (Windows Icon) Format for Adobe Photoshop here.

* Extract the zip document

* Locate the “File Formats” folder interior your Photoshop Plugins folder

* On Windows circulate the ICOFormat.8bi record to this folder / on OS X/Classic move the format (CS2/Mac version is ICOFormat_cs2.Plugin) / on 68K MacOS X, format (68K)


* Quit Photoshop, relaunch. Sometimes you would possibly want to restart the system for the change to take effect

* Create a new Photoshop report either 16×16, 32×32, or 64×64 pixels, design your icon, and when you are done, click shop – you’ll now be able to shop the photo as an icon report from the drop-down list

* log in for your internet space thru FTP

* Upload the favicon.Ico report to the root directory of your FTP (instance HTTP docs or public_html)

* Add the subsequent code in your header.Php record in the HEAD phase *see bottom of post*

* If you are the use of The Thesis Theme for WordPress, definitely upload the code above in Thesis Options / Header Scripts

Congratulations, you now have a custom favicon created in Adobe Photoshop. If you have any questions about developing or putting in place the favicon.Ico document to your WordPress tech blog, please feel unfastened to go away a remark beneath. We are constantly right here to help, and it is our purpose at TechBlogStartup to make your blogging as easy and easy as feasible.