Importance of Having Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

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The global has long past Mobile. The variety of smart phone users globally has grown exponentially over the past five years. The range of Android & iOS gadgets offered globally has crossed a billion mark each. Hence, it is now not enough to have handiest a website for your business. Any enterprise, small or huge ought to have a mobile app. Let us examine a number of the maximum vital reasons why you should choose a mobile app for your business:

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1. Branding – A cellular application is the exceptional way to create logo recognition on your business. You can use your brand, your enterprise’s tag line or a message which you would like your clients to connect to your enterprise to create a brand keep in mind. Every time a patron who has downloaded your mobile apps sees your emblem in the shape of the cellular app icon on their screen, they may consider you.

2. Increased Reach – Because of the sheer penetration of mobile phones and different mobile gadgets like tablets and the progressed Internet connectivity in most elements of the world, the quantity of people you can reach thru a app has improved highly. It is less complicated on your present as well as capability customers to find out the right records approximately your services or products via your mobile app.

3. Create Customer Database & Profile – It is easier to acquire customer information in phrases of telephone variety and e-mail identification thru a cell apps. You also can permit your app customers to login through their social media bills like Facebook or Google. This will come up with access to different treasured data like their areas of hobby, their life-style desire, their purchasing possibilities, and so on. This records can then be utilized by your advertising group to send out the right communique.

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4. Increased Engagement – By constructing the right features in your app you may utilize it as a powerful way to boom engagement along with your current and capacity customers. You can encompass capabilities like social sharing and a help table (for sales and carrier queries) in the app to enhance direct conversation together with your customers. This will in flip assist your commercial enterprise to attach closely together with your clients.

5. Push Notifications – This is one in every of the largest benefits of having cellular apps. You can ask your Mobile App Development Solution company to combine a push notification function in your app a good way to assist you along with your on-the-cross advertising. Through this option, you could ship bulk messages to all the app users or particular messages to a sub-set of your app users based on the message. You can also communicate about the trendy gives or discounts you are supplying to your customers frequently thru push notifications. Best of all, it does not price you a penny to ship out those messages, not like SMS or Email advertising.

With the above benefits of getting an on your enterprise in mind, it is imperative to become aware of the right Mobile App Development Solutions issuer on your commercial enterprise app. Solution Analysts has been assisting small businesses globally with their Mobile App Development Services to create brilliant for you to add value to their corporations. To get a free quote on your Mobile Application or to know greater about us, please visit our website these days.

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I am Cris, A super artist, Love to increase cell utility. I am running with Solution Analysts as Mobile Application Developer and have knowledge in developing beacon, iOS Swift, Android, ionic, PhoneGap. Solution Analysts- A most advantageous cellular Application Development Company in India, handing over Hybrid & Native and Mobile App Development Services across the globe considering that 2011.

What Does iOS 10 Bring for App Developers?


Announced at WWDC 2016, iOS 10 introduced a plethora of modifications for the builders, the most enormous revamp due to the fact 2013. The SDK for iOS 10 brings in new APIs and offerings that result in new utility sorts and features. In order to paintings on iOS 10, one could need to do the programming the usage of Swift three and also down load Xcode eight for constructing the iOS packages. Let’s recognition on the important thing evolved associated features which have been delivered in iOS 10.

Improved User notifications

iOS 10 marks the arrival of the User Notification framework (UserNotifications.Framework) and User Notifications UI framework and give up to UILocalNotification. The User Notification framework helps in helping and coping with far off as well as nearby notifications. Developers can use the lessons of the framework for modifying far flung and neighborhood notifications as they’re introduced to the tool. The look of nearby and far off notifications can be custom designed with the assist of User Notifications UI framework. With help of those two frameworks, Apple has not modified the general neighborhood notifications, however, has extensively improvised the functionalities.

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The largest exchange with the aid of the brand new notification device is that it brings in a middleman between message arrival and device show- a notification provider issuer able to quit-to-quit encryption with app receiving the encrypted message from Apple, decryption taking place on the personal device and displaying the notification in the notification center.

Enhanced iMessage

A plethora of APIs has been brought in iOS 10 specifically enhancements to Messages App. App extensions can have interaction with Message app and customers can ship media documents, interactive messages, stickers. The Sticker percent brings in a fixed of stickers to the message content material. iMessage app no longer best allows customers seek pix but also presents a person interface within the app.

From the development angle, the custom interface for the messages may be made with help of MSMessagesAppViewController. MSSession and MSMessage ought to help in the amendment of the message, with the former having integrated help for expiring messages. In order to offer a custom decal browser to the message application, MSStickerBrowserViewController may be used.

In iOS 10, better manage over animations is installed. The functionality to govern animate houses just like the resume, prevent or positions is pleasant-grained in iOS 10. UIViewPropertyAnimator is the critical elegance which enables in developing and triggering the animations.

Speech Recognition

A new API is added wherein helps non-stop pace popularity. This helps developers in building new apps for spotting speech and transcribing it to textual content. Most of the magic is completed with help of APIs in Speech framework, specifically with lessons along with SFSpeechRecognizer, SFSpeechURLRecognitionREquest, SFTranscription and many others.

Integration with Siri

Get integrated with Siri for maximum apps like messages, calling, bills, pictures and so forth. IOS 10 now allow customers use their voice to carry out actions and this kind of is accomplished with the assist of Sirikit. The involved domains need to be registered with response accomplished.

For non-graphical intents, developers want to make use of Apple Maps while for graphical intents additionally known as Intents UI extensions, developers can expand the user interface for the interface design.

ReplayKit receives better


iOS 10 has offered new enhancements to the ReplayKit brought in iOS 9 I.E advent of live broadcasting of Replaykit streams, which means a consumer can broadcast media via different sites or programs and broadcast US extension which helps person sign into a provider and installation a broadcast. Developers need to create RPBroadcastActivityViewController to permit users to select the streaming provider that would really like to use. The movement might return RPBroadcastController that enables in starting, pausing live announces.

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