Entrepreneurs will always prioritize the quest to secure financing for their ventures. It may be tasked to find funds, but it is vital to consider some things before getting into a partnership. Not everyone who has money is the ideal person to invest in your business.

It is more than Money.

When looking for an investor, the process goes beyond the funds available. Venture capitalists can play a crucial role in the success of the business. Their experience and expertise are invaluable in the decision-making process. So, before entrepreneurs go for an investor, they should carefully consider all options and their impacts on the venture. Here are a few items to consider when financing with Christian Ellul;

Belief in the Vision

An entrepreneur develops a vision for a start-up before actualization. It is essential to stay true to the course, and it means that the investors need to have a clear picture of the business. Being the owner of the idea, you will need to find an investor who believes in the vision. Also, it is critical for you as the founder to remain in control. The ideal investor will offer guidance and allow the entrepreneur to steer the project.



The expectations of a potential investor should be realistic. They need to understand that it takes time to attain the venture’s goals. Investors need to know the levels of profitability in the industry. By partners being real with each other, they can work effectively towards a common goal. It is a win-win situation for both parties.


Opportunities in business come through the people that you connect with. Having the right people in your network is beneficial in growing the business and diversifying a portfolio. Apart from an interest in the venture, an investor with connections to your industry is the best choice. It will be easy to find a market for products and services through the investor’s networks.

Track Record

Investors with prior experience in managing other start-ups are the perfect fit for new businesses. Check their track record in the success of ventures that they invest in. Their experience makes them valuable team members. An investor with prior experience in the industry will have insights that will speed up its growth. They also know business processes and resources essential for the success of the venture. It is better when investors can relate to the type of business that you do.


As discussed earlier, experience plays a significant role in the success of businesses. The seasons are never the same, and there are good days, while others may not go to plan. However, having the right support will help new ventures overcome the challenges they experience while starting. An investor who knows the process will be patient and offer assistance where possible. There will be less pressure on the entrepreneur as the partner shares in the burden of managing a business at the initial stages.


The insights above will assist in determining the perfect investor for you. A checklist can help you tick off the attributes that you are looking for in a potential investor.