Android software improvement is booming properly now! More ‘n’ more people choose to use Android over the iPhone or another smart telephone due to its easy-to-apply and interactive apps. Today, the Android utility market is at its peak with extra than 4 lacs applications listed in the android shop, and nevertheless, the count number is on. Many expert Android developers get success in creating high-quality programs; however, not all are identical. Some newbie Android developers often do make a few minor however important errors whilst growing Android packages.

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Below, I attempted to list a few essential errors that any new or novice Android developers must avoid at some stage in their first Android software improvement.

• Inappropriate planning and improvement approach! This could be a very commonplace mistake made using the new android coder. They frequently forget to investigate the market trend or fail to seize the nerves of customers, which at the give up effects in poor reaction from target audience and customers. Just try to understand your audience requirements first!

• Improper and terrible UI Design! Many new android programmers regularly overlook approximately person experience and the importance of an attractive UI layout. The application developer should understand that if they don’t make consumer-level pleasant and fun, they will stop losing them and fail to achieve application improvement. Also, Android UI designs may additionally range from device to device, so it’s far critical to creating an app UI that may easily run on any screen length.

• Poor compatibility with exclusive Android OS versions! Android has been changed plenty from its first version; there is a total of 8 distinctive variations of Android today. But many builders create an app that fits with a precise OS model; that’s a huge mistake as customers hardly stick with any unique version for a long time. So, it is beneficial to create an app that goes nicely with all OS versions.

• Inappropriate configuration statistics! Many developers often provide inappropriate configuration records in the android manifest.XML file, which leads hard to reuse the platform and its carrier again.

• Using too many features and functionalities in the app! Many newly entered app developers encompass tonnes of features and functionalities they recognize in one utility, which at the give up make the app complicated and reduce the usability of the app. So, try and spotlight and consist of needed functionalities & capabilities in the app.

What Are Android Phones? What Are Their Benefits?

Android OS was advanced by way of Google way lower back in 2007. Google added this era alongside the collaboration of software, hardware, and telecom agencies, collectively called the Open Handset Alliance. Android mobile telephones use the coding packages and standards, which are open supply, i.E., everybody can develop applications for the gadgets. It’s only approximately growing and releasing your applications. Since no precise agency holds the proper of this generation, builders can effortlessly make diverse apps and applications. This technology has taken the idea of mobile computing to all new tiers.


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The conventional cellular generation did not allow the traders to come out with fresh applications because of the stern proprietary legal guidelines that govern them; however, android technology promotes the improvements and welcomes brand new applications. A proper instance of this will be Apple’s iPhone. This telephone cannot match the slicing area thoughts and programs of Androids due to the numerous copyright issues.


T-Mobile changed into the primary employer to introduce Android smartphones in the market. However, nearly all of the cellular manufacturers are arising with versions that are based totally on the Android platform. Rough estimates that almost 200000 Android devices are bought each day, and greater than 80000 programs are to be had free of charge download. It’s now not that the android era handiest helps in encouraging new thoughts and apps for download. Still, it also gives you a miles faster processor that lets you run multiple applications simultaneously. These consequences in a simplified and astonishing experience for the person taking the sector through a hurricane.

Not best this generation gives the builders and consumer a standardized platform without them being concerned about the criminal hassles; however, there may be no hassle in making the ingestion well matched with various systems. It means that as a person that you may have to get admission to a wide variety of reducing aspect generation tools and share these applications across an extensive range of networks and handsets. Another essential gain of using this OS is that because many builders are constantly contributing to this platform, you will continually have a strong support community to help you configure the new programs.

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The Android Platform makes it very smooth for people to tailor their telephones in line with their non-public flavor and possibilities. It gives a large variety of functions that allow you to customize, besides a wide variety of widgets and wallpapers, that make certain that your cellular telephones display your persona. Since those phones are nevertheless new ideas in the marketplace, their expenses have not dropped. However, with the path of time, the fees of the android phones are maximum in all likelihood to come down.

The Android OS is shipped using Open Handset Distribution and by Google Mobile Service. Generally, GM’s gadget for Android is greater favored than the OHD model as it presents a better performance in phrases of skills and services. With most cellular manufacturing organizations becoming a member of the Android Smartphone bandwagon, you need to buy one of them. Since Google updates the software at a much quicker velocity, you will get the nice of programs nearly every day. Just ensure that you have an Android telephone that supports the OS improvements.

Lastly, this text should have defined the various advantages and benefits of having an android phone. Android is sincerely the generation for the next day, and it offers a plethora of exciting features. It is something that’s most probably to update the prevailing cell era.

Look at the proper aspect of the Android marketplace to see the numbers. The most famous apps have been mounted hundreds of thousands of times. If there has been malware in it, one of the hundreds of thousands of users could probably have discovered it?

Who is the developer?


Is it a man or woman, or a big famous agency? Anything written by Google is quite secure, of course. You can see what else the developer has written by clicking on their call below the App call. If you see a bunch of questionable apps, watch out. You also can visit the developer’s internet site by clicking on “Visit Developer’s Website” under the App description. Make sure the appearance of the website respectable.

What permissions does the App request?

At the pinnacle of the App’s Google Play Store, the web page is a “PERMISSIONS” tab. Look at the permissions the App is asking for to peer if they’re appropriate. Sometimes, an App will say why it needs permissions in its description; it will likely be obvious in different instances. If it looks like the permissions are too aggressive (e.G. A recreation that needs to study your GPS), then you definitely would possibly want to bypass the App.

What do the consumer evaluations say approximately the App?

Click the “USER REVIEWS” tab at the top of the Google Play Store and see what humans are announcing about the App. Sometimes people will say that it is requesting unreasonable permissions or making their Android phone or pill behave surprisingly.

Be careful in which you install Apps. The Google Play Store is the most secure vicinity to put in Apps from, considering that Google policies it nicely. The Amazon Appstore for Android is also quite safe. If you’re sideloading APK files or putting them in from smaller websites, the valid App you’re installing may be infected with a Trojan with a purpose of taking over your device. Beware of any smaller App stores that a big famous organization doesn’t back.