Visitors to Newport News will locate an awesome choice of factors to do. This Virginia metropolis lies alongside the banks of the James River and the port of Hampton Roads. The metropolis’s favorite points of interest consist of museums, theatres, parks, fishing piers, charter boats, and different recreation.

Virginia Attractions

The Mariners’ Museum has been precise by Congress as America’s National Maritime Museum; The museum features maritime exhibits from around the area. The USS Monitor Center showcases the “Battle of the Ironclads” show and a full-scale Monitor replica.

Virginia Attractions

Virginia Living Museum

This enchantment has nature-associated famous wherein traffic find out about animals, including wolves, eagles, sea turtle, fish, frogs, and greater. Special sections inspire enthusiasts to touch live crabs and fossils, and other types of nature. Living exhibits depict Virginia’s extensively varying environments from the mountains to the coast, including representations of the Chesapeake Bay and limestone caves. The museum also homes an observatory, present-day virtual planetarium theater, stay animals, and native plant gardens. Shops consist of the Wild Wings Museum Store and the Wild Side Café.

Virginia War Museum

The Virginia War Museum has U.S. Navy presentations which include collections of private artifacts, weapons, automobiles, uniforms, posters, and more from 1775 thru the prevailing. Galleries consist of Women at War and Marches Toward Freedom which document the jobs of girls and African-Americans in the army. The Visions of War exhibit showcases the museum’s remarkable propaganda poster series. Gifts are presented for sale in The Duffle Bag gift keep.


Several venues host theatrical events in or near Newport News. The Christopher Newport University’s Ferguson Center for the Arts holds performances in its 1, seven hundred-seat concert hall, 500-seat tune and theater corridor, and two-hundred-seat studio/children’s theater. The Peninsula Community Theater, positioned in Newport News, gives numerous performs during the yr. Their Children’s Theatre additionally features productions. The Virginia Shakespeare Festival, held annually at the College of William and Mary, gives performances of Shakespeare.

City Parks

Newport News Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the united states. This 8000-acre park is occupied using deer, foxes, otter, raccoon, beaver, and extra. The Newport News Park is a favorite destination for campers who discover a natural setting while being so near the activities and sights of Hampton Roads. The park is positioned at 13564 Jefferson Avenue, just off I-64 (Exit 250B).

Newport News Park activities and galas encompass the Newport News Children’s Festival of Friends, the Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife, and the Celebration in Lights. At 16th Street and Oak Avenue, Anderson Park features ball fields, basketball, seashore, boat ramp, historical features, saltwater fishing, picnic shelters, playground, restrooms, and tennis.

Huntington Park is located at the intersection of Warwick Boulevard and Mercury Boulevard, close to the James River Bridge. This 60-acre park is open dawn to sunset day by day and offers a public seashore fronting the James River. A public boat ramp is open all yr and contains boats with trailers up to 30-ft in length.

Fort Fun, a 13,000-square-foot playground, is placed on a scenic bluff overlooking the James River. Fishing for brook, brown, and rainbow trout is popular at Lake Biggins from November to March. Also placed in Huntington Park is the Virginia War Museum, which showcases America’s military history from the Revolutionary War to the current.

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Deer Park is located on Jefferson Avenue in the center of the metropolis. The name “Deer Park” originated because white-tailed deer were raised on a recreation keep before the land became dedicated as a public park. Deer Park has a playground, ball fields, 13 acres of woodlands, and hiking trails. The flowering vegetation of the park encompasses camellias, azaleas, and rhododendrons. The park is geared up with picnic shelters for parties, reunions, or picnics. Fishers will find a spread of saltwater fishing opportunities in Newport News and the encircling regions. There are fishing piers, head boats, fishing charter journeys, and different styles of fishing. The time of yr may be very crucial while selecting your fishing journey.

You can find out about neighborhood fishing seasons through analyzing vicinity fishing reviews, newspaper articles and with the aid of calling local captains and speak to them about approximately what fish normally are caught at any given time. If you’re set on catching a positive species, the season may be crucial. If the forms of fish you catch are less crucial, it might be great to choose a fishing constitution or head boat and allow the captain to pick what to fish for.

When fishing around Newport News, it’s a terrific idea to hold a small cooler for drinks and a mid-sized or massive cooler iced down for storing the fish at the give-up of the day. For fishing charters, maximum boats will let you convey a fish cooler along, but a few may have a fish container on board to keep the fish cool until you come back to port.

Virginia Beach

The crew of charter boats and head boats may offer fish cleansing or arrange for the seize to be wiped clean at the marina. If you opt to clean your personal fish, talk that earlier and be ready with a cooler while returning to port.

Newport News Farmers Market

The Newport News Farmers Market offers farmers, gardeners, seafood stores, and other choose vendors the opportunity to marketplace domestic-grown and crafted products. The outdoor marketplace includes 10,000 feet of blanketed vending space. The marketplace functions sparkling produce from neighborhood farmers and gardeners and clean fish, fresh-frozen seafood, cheeses, and meats. Other objects include bedding vegetation, reduce plants, baked goods, and hand-made crafts. The marketplace is open year-round.

What Are the Best Russian News Sources?

Russia is the news an increasing number of nowadays. Under Vladimir Putin’s (and now Dmitry Medvedev’s) leadership, Russia is slowly convalescing from the fall of the Soviet Union and the basket case days of Yeltsin’s management inside the 1990s.

Although Russia won’t be heading inside the democratic course that many within the West would really like (in truth, it seems to be heading toward a semi-autocratic state, wherein commercial enterprise interests are paramount), Russia is one of the world’s quickest developing economies.

Although no longer all sectors of its economic system are firing on all cylinders, it is tremendous oil, and mineral resources have brought an exceptional deal of wealth into the united states, giving the Russian management and people new power. This, in turn, has brought about self-belief at the global degree and cognizance that they now not need to back off in global disputes – even when they flip violently. Witness the August 2008 struggle in Georgia, for example.

News Sources

If you observe worldwide affairs or are concerned with worldwide business or investing, it’s far turning more important than ever to make sure that you hold on to the pinnacle of modern-day Russian information. And thankfully, as the net matures, it’s miles becoming less difficult and less difficult to do this, even if you don’t communicate a word of Russian.

State-sponsored Russian information businesses like Interfax and RIA Novosti act as one of the pleasant resources of real-time information popping out of Russia. They put up many stories in step with the day, on a comparable model to Western information companies just like the Press Agency or Reuters. Being nation-subsidized, they may be open to accusations of bias; however, they’ve usually proved quite dependable in my experience.

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Also primarily based in Russia are newspapers like Pravda and the Moscow Times, each of which has English language net news sites. Pravda tends towards the sensationalist and pro-Russian, while the Moscow Times is aimed at ex-pats. It tends to be soberer in its coverage and locations more emphasis on commercial enterprise news; however, it has a clear seasoned-Western bias.

The large US and European newspapers additionally cowl Russia, as you’d count on. The New York Times and the Guardian, for example, both have a page on their websites committed to news testimonies from Russia. Each, as you’d consider, has its very own biases, and the insurance of Russia is regularly vital.