Globalization nowadays approaches exploiting natural and human assets from much less evolved international locations by using transnational groups to acquire huge incomes. This is starkly felt while it enters our everyday lives and seeks to capture and rework our non-public values and gender perceptions into commodities.” An occasion that came about currently might illustrate the factor.

When ABCL and Godrej Ltd. Organized a Miss World contest in Bangalore, a great deal of controversy was ignited inside the call of conventional and ethical values; appreciation for the females became reportedly going to winds with the keeping of such a contest in India. The question that all this raised turned into: Do such activities constitute an insult to womanhood? No longer than 28 groups opposed it in phrases of the occasion or case in competition. The count changed into heard by using the Court, and the plea that such events disagree Indian tradition was dismissed with the aid of the Karnataka High Court.

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ABCL and Godrej Ltd were puzzled about the propriety of such uproar over the pageant. They requested while Indian women have been participating in a global splendor contest since the mid-60s. When Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai won the crowns representing Indian women to the world, they were welcomed; why were not those antagonistic by way of any corporation?

They similarly asked that many Indian and Indian ladies lose if beauty pageants were held inside the United States. Moreover, they pointedly asked why all organizations and other combatants keep silent when extra obscenities and vulgarities are still dished out in business films- and duly certificated with the aid of the censor board. What of the Konark and Khajuraho sculptures and all other explicit temple carvings?

The organizers of beauty contests worldwide have conflated beauty with brains. The ladies are reportedly decided on as Miss International, Miss Asia, and Miss Universe, which are now not best about their beauty parameters and intelligence quotient. They are given several crowns with unique features like Miss Lovely Hair, Miss Photogenic, Miss charming smile, etc. But, inside the last evaluation, all that is carried out to promote many products spewed out through the beauty enterprise.

It can’t be taken as a trifling coincidence that most of the splendor queens nowadays are located in developing countries with massive populations and an amazing marketplace ability to sell the goods supposed to girls. There is no doubt that splendor indicates the female form’s stereotype, and girls’ frame language and bodily actions are used to fulfill the lustful craving of the male eyes. Women are being publicly exposed, nearly nude, and judged on their important data’s premise in true quantities to an insult to their womanhood.

Several ladies’ and feminist groups opposed holding such festivals in Bangalore on numerous grounds now not all related to women. Politics, morality, and nationality are intermingled in a potpourri of anxiety. These girls’ businesses are never antagonistic in holding such contests outside of India; however, they made many hues and cry while the identical styles of the occasion were born in India.

The point of protecting such contests turned into, in reality, not an approximate way of life, but it changed into/is extra about selling cosmetics in this industrial international. Companies dealing in cosmetics are constantly looking for virgin markets to decorate their earnings. Nothing can facilitate marketplace enlargement more than style parades; fashion indicates splendor pageants. However, the violent protests and the negative approach taken with the aid of the warring parties of the splendor festival did more harm than proper to the feminist reason by giving an impression that those protesters were limited to a reactionary and lunatic frenzy.

Some feminists argued that splendor contests offer (d) a possibility for girls to express their feminity and liberation to which she is entitled as a human being. Some argued that opposing maintaining such contests in India is like chaining Indian women within the vintage, conventional values and ethics, which isn’t in any respect ideal for trendy Indian women because the antique traditions and values superimposed on Indian ladies forcibly through the hazard of so-called kings and overseas rulers.

All in all, the inference that may be drawn from the occasion and the protests is that even as moral judgments on contests of this nature are probably reserved, women and their bodies must no longer be commoditized in and via the crucible of capitalist globalization. Women are humans and have rights; however, they may no longer be commodities. Period!

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