Property management is the type of business that can significantly benefit from the online time and attendance software. While other companies may be located under one roof or in a centralized location, a property management company’s geographical location can be large, with staff spread worldwide.

Property management companies accumulate several properties and rely on their landlord or property managers to help manage that specific location. As with most properties, applicant screening and rent collection are a large part of day-to-day tasks in addition to responding to maintenance requests. The majority of these processes are already automated. Tracking employee work hours and attendance should be no different. This is where online time and attendance software comes into play.

Seeing the Big Picture

Business owners need to do their own work without losing sight of the bigger picture to ensure success. Property management teams can consist of multiple managers who oversee numerous properties of their own. To say that tracking these managers, who happen to be scattered all over the place, is complicated would be quite an understatement.

The good news is, the ability to track your employees no matter where they are is now a reality thanks to online time and attendance software. It allows your workers to feel as though they are working under one roof as a team. It also allows upper management to know where their property managers are at any given moment. Through the use of an online time card system, property management owners can do the following:

Verify Location:

Wondering if your property managers are where they are supposed to be is no longer a concern, thanks to GPS tracking. Anytime an employee punches in or out or switches between jobs or locations, their precise location will be captured and displayed on their time card. You no longer need to check in with your workers daily to find out where they are. Instead, management can log in and check their location without bothering or micromanaging their employees.

Job Costing:

If your property managers are paid different rates based on the task being done or the location they are visiting, this information can be tracked through employee timesheet software. You can create specific codes that your employees are then able to punch in to. You will get the amount of time tracked under each code, allowing you to determine each project’s exact cost or task.

Real-time Updates:

Thanks to online time and attendance software, every time an employee punches in or out, that information are instantly available in the user’s dashboard. When they punch in, you can see precisely what they are working on, where they are located and any additional information added by the employee.

Property Management

Getting Employees Onboard

Employees of a property management team need to learn to be self-sufficient. Since they don’t have management on-site to oversee their work, they need to take this process into their own hands. However, as with any new software, you need to get your employees onboard to ensure successful implementation. Here are a few points that you can bring up when discussing your new online time and attendance software.

More Freedom:

One of the most significant benefits of using online timesheet software is that it is incredibly flexible. Employees can access their accounts from any internet-connected device and at any time. If one of your property managers is too busy to punch in or out for the day, they can easily access the system later to enter their work hours.

Improve Accountability:

Property managers are often used to working under conditions where there is little managerial oversight. They can take further accountability over their workday by tracking their own hours. This includes the ability to request time off as needed. They will feel more empowered by having more control over their time tracking process, improving productivity and profitability.

Peace of Mind:

One of the best things about online time and attendance software is incredibly accurate. So accurate, it can track work hours down to the second. When work hours are correct, this directly correlates to accurate paychecks, which is especially important when every penny counts.

Many years ago, payroll was overseen by a small staff of employees who would collect and calculate employee work hours. Online employee time tracking software takes a manual process and turns it into an effective, streamlined one that requires minimal oversight.

Making the Switch

Implementing new software is never an easy process. Most workers are not happy that implementing a digital time tracking solution would mean that they could be reached at any time, even if they are on vacation. However, it would help if you made it known that online time and attendance software won’t increase micromanagement but rather reduce it since many of the processes is in the employee’s hands.

Before you decide on a time tracking solution, you need to answer the following questions:

Is it user-friendly?

The time tracking solution you choose should be easy to use both by employees and management.

Does it offer flexible time tracking options?

No two property managers will punch time the same way, and from the same location, the solution you choose will need to provide flexible punching options to accommodate your diverse staff.

Does it track overtime?

Accurately tracking overtime is essential to ensure your employees are paid for their work and avoid federal or state labor law violations.

Does it provide notifications?

To help further reduce the need for micromanaging, you’ll want to choose a system that automates processes such as reminding an employee to punch in or out or inform them of their shift start time. This will help ensure employees remain on task while improving the employee-employer relationship. These are just a few essential considerations to keep in mind, but make sure to examine your specific business needs and ensure your online time clock software can meet those needs. Once you’ve implemented a system, you’ll find that the time tracking process is much easier, more accurate, and your employees will be happier as a result.