In 2001, a weblog device called b2/cafelog was launched by way of Michel Valdrighi. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little forked b2/cafelog and created WordPress in 2003. According to WordPress.Org, “WordPress turned into born out of a preference for an elegant, nicely-architectured non-public publishing gadget built on PHP and MySQL and authorized under the GPL”. In 2004, plugins have been brought to increase WordPress’ core functionality. Here’s what the WordPress Plugin Directory gave the impression of in November 2004:

WordPress Plugin


Having achieved hundreds of consumer paintings with WordPress, each ourselves and our customers were certainly unhappy with the complexity and price of plugins inside the eCommerce space. These factors averted some clients from exploring new possibilities with WordPress and taking steps forward to converting their lives. We wanted to simplify the entire eCommerce process as well as offer lower price options in order that each person may want to partake. We additionally believed that we could do a higher job with user on-boarding, innovating, developing new capability and customer support requests. So, we decided to build our WPMerchant eCommerce plugin.

WordPress is a first-rate blogging platform that is very popular, and a go to platform for a number of bloggers and web designers. I desired to write this article to give a person who may be unusual with the plugins characteristic, exclusive ways you may bring your weblog to the next stage. Below I’ve listed the plugins and a touch description of everyone. I’ve examined all of these, and in reality, use those on my weblog nowadays.

1-click Retweet/Share/Like – This plugin offers you the “like” button for Facebook and different social networking websites which you have probably seen on different blogs.

All in One search engine marketing Pack – This gives you widespread alternatives for similarly customizing the SEO of your WordPress weblog. This is one of the fine search engine optimization WordPress plugins out there.

Disqus Comment System -This plugin lets in humans to log onto their social networking sites before posting in your blog. This lets your weblog have a greater network feel, and also can help with sell viral advertising.

Fast Secure Contact Form – This plugin helps you to place a touch form for your blog, which lets in customers to put up questions/comments to you without delay.

Flexi Pages Widget – This plugin permits you to better index your pages. I use it to create the menu bar at the pinnacle of my WordPress display.

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Google Analytics for WordPress – This is an extremely good plugin that customizes Google Analytics for WordPress. It permits you to better see the visitors generated in your WordPress web page.

Google XML Sitemaps – This facilitates search engines higher index your Blog. This is one of the only search engine optimization WordPress plugins wherein I started seeing immediate effects after importing it.

All of the plugins I use are both to promote the search engine marketing behind WordPress, or to permit customers to interact with my blog better. I find that these the two most crucial matters to remember when the usage of plugins and looking to sell you blog. To get any of the plugins, go to http://wordpress.Org/amplify/plugins/ and type in the plugin call listed above.

How to Pick WordPress Plugins That Fit Your Blog Needs


If you have got a hosted WordPress website you could add plugins. These little programs can change the functions of your weblog and make it in shape your unique wishes. But figuring out which plugin to apply may be a mission with so many to be had.

Why is the decision so tough?

The variety of plugins to be had is ever developing on the WordPress directory. In just the beyond three months over one thousand plugins have been introduced. So it’s far actually not possible for a person to test all the special plugins and integrate them with extraordinary themes and in diverse combos.

What about help services?

Most WordPress plugins are free. The developer(s) of a plugin may also have a full-time task, may also have stopped updating it, or anything, but they will or may not provide support. Even when they do provide help consider the plugin is free. They are not making any cash besides via the occasional donation.

How do I install a WordPress plugin?

Most plugins can be without problems installed from the dashboard, your WordPress returned workplace. Scroll down to plugins and click on the arrow, underneath within the new menu click on “Add new.” Search for the call of the plugin or the function you want. Now you will have a listing however it’s miles important to make certain the plugin meets positive criteria.

What is the rating?

Look at the stars. Most of the plugins have a few sort of ranking. While you do no longer recognize what number of human beings voted for that five stars, possibilities are its miles worth more studies than the only with one megastar.

Does the outline meet your needs?

Just due to the fact a plugin fits your term does now not suggest that it virtually fits your needs. People have different wishes. A plugin for images ought to turn your website right into a gallery, assist you to edit your photographs in WordPress, work with one photograph program but now not every other or it can paintings with each. So you need to be positive the plugin suits your desires.

WordPress Plugins – Do They Enhance Your WordPress Blog?

WordPress is an outstanding platform for very simple blogs however with a purpose to provide them an extra professional appearance and to lead them to function extra correctly themes and plugins are important.

Basically, a subject is what makes your blog appearance the way it does whereas plugins contend with lots of the functions at the back of the theme. Think of the topic as being the out of doors look of your car, WordPress itself because the engine with the plugins being the matters which includes the lights, signs, warning lighting fixtures and so forth which are exact to have but not essential to run the engine of the car. I am no mechanic but you get the concept.


What are WordPress plugins?

I bet the best clarification is that they’re a piece of code that make things simpler to do or lets in you to do matters that without the specific plugin are very difficult to do and passed the skills of all people aside from a person with a technical know-how of WordPress.

Why use WordPress plugins?

They allow you do to do things with WordPress that without them would be either time consuming and can additionally require technical knowledge in WordPress beyond that of most people of WordPress users.

What are some examples of WordPress plugins?

Akismet is a popular plugin that exams your feedback in opposition to the Akismet web service to peer in the event that they appear to be spam or no longer. You can review the spam it catches below “Comments.” Without this sort of plugin your weblog ought to without difficulty come to be complete of unwanted feedback that you virtually do no longer need your readers to study.

All in One SEO Pack is Out-of-the-box search engine optimization on your WordPress weblog. You can use this plugin to tweak the default options for title, description, keywords and replica content.

These are just a few of the many plugins you can use for your blog and all of it depends on what you need your blog to do as to what plugins you need to install to make it paintings more successfully and save you extra time in retaining your weblog.