What she does: The Austrian-born Schulmeister-Antona came to the U.S. in 1991. After landing a niche as the bass participant inside the New York-primarily based punk band Alice Donut, I stayed. After spending most of the 1990s journeying and recording, the band participants settled down, and Schulmeister-Antona centered her interest on internet layout.

After taking training and carving out a contract career, Schulmeister-Antona, who relocated to Durham with her husband, landed a role with Duke’s Social Science Research Institute. As a network administrator, her process is to build and hold web pages for the institute’s many initiatives and research regions. She aims to balance her client’s needs, Duke’s fashion tips, and her fashion that functions with bold images and huge textual content.

She also tries to weave in new capabilities, such as the history video on the web page for Duke’s Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science. “I usually attempt to do new things and live on the reducing fringe of the development side and design facet,” Schulmeister-Antona stated what she enjoys about layout. “It’s a problem fixing. However, it’s additionally innovative.”


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What I love about Duke: “I like that there’s a variety of variables and that Duke has so many aspects to it,” Schulmeister-Antona said. “It’s not just a college or a health facility.” Schulmeister-Antona’s two youngsters are worried about the Duke String School, and she and her family additionally revel in catching song and theatre performances and the occasional ladies’ basketball recreation.

“There are plenty of factors you can do when you’re now not operating that is a part of Duke,” Schulmeister-Antona said. A memorable day at work: When Schulmeister-Antona arrived at Duke, her workplace turned into Erwin Mill. Three years later, her team moved to its cutting-edge domestic in a sleek, glassed-in part of Gross Hall.

Schulmeister-Antona fondly remembers the day she got an early look at her destiny workplace. “We went on a hardhat tour,” Schulmeister-Antona said. “That becomes simply a laugh. They might say, ‘This goes to be your workplace, that will be the kitchen, that will be an assembly room.’ That turned into a laugh.”

A meaningful item in her workspace: Schulmeister-Antona does a lot of work in Drupal’s content material management system. Her workspace contains numerous souvenirs she picked up for her journeys to DrupalCon, the once-a-year convention for Drupal professionals.

“We’re a Drupal save,” Schulmeister-Antona stated. “It’s part of the network.” First-ever activity: “When I was 12, I started playing bass. My brother was playing drums. We have been in a cover band of neighborhood kids. Schulmeister-Antona said one of the first songs the band discovered the way to play, and as a result of one that got played frequently at its suggests was Deep Purple’s “Smoke at the Water.”

“That’s the only we played repeatedly,” she said.

Best advice: “I think each cloud has a silver lining,” Schulmeister-Antona stated. “Stuff can cross incorrect, but I try to see the positive in things.” The general public doesn’t realize about her: In recent years, Schulmeister-Antona has picked up crocheting. Friends, the circle of relatives, and colleagues were acknowledged to acquire scarves, hats, and gloves.

While she learned how to do it in school, the dependancy blossomed years in the past when her son asked her to make a Teddy Bear in the Japanese knitting fashion Amigurumi. She gave it a shot and was given a hook after some initial hiccups. “I couldn’t discern the pattern, so I went on YouTube,” Schulmeister-Antona said. “After that, it became so much a laugh. It turned into like fixing puzzles; however, it additionally relaxes me.”

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