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I’ve been a long time Apple consumer and want to share my experiences with those of you who’re potentially considering getting a Mac of your own. My first laptop was the Apple IIe. I’ve been a faithful fan ever because, and it has include a fee. I changed into ridiculed throughout my young people for no longer having a PC, so I’ve always been in music with the differences among the 2. All of my friends owned PC’s, running their way from DOS up to the maximum modern-day Microsoft software program. Only until a few years in the past have the tides started out to sway.

In reality, one individual who ridiculed me extra than most now calls himself the “Mac Guru.” He has his motives for changing to the best computer operating machine of all time, however they may be not what I’m right here to tell you. Most PC users have struggled for years with the pitfalls of a Windows machine. I’ve been pressured to paintings with them at paintings, so I too am nicely conscious.

I assume what prevents them most from switching from PC to Mac is their unwillingness to get through the studying curve that MUST be related to a one of a kind computer OS. What they do not recognize is that using a Mac is FUN! The getting to know curve is greater like “Wow, this is honestly simple and intuitive. I failed to even need to read any assist files, or instructions.” Where on a PC you are pulling you hair out reading messages that make really no sense. And troubles show up that result in a three hour call where you are booting into secure mode and checking this placing, and that putting, and rebooting, and screaming “AHHHHHHH” on the pinnacle of your lungs!

Macs simply work – length, end of story. Their hardware is top notch, and inside the occasion of a hardware failure, Apple is excellent approximately getting your pc fixed below assurance and despatched proper back. Several buddies have received whole new machines, or their gadget had some greater enhancements added at no additional fee while they have been out. How is that for customer support? I often maintain my Mac pc on for years on cease, without rebooting. Seriously, can another PC computer producer boast that? While using a PC at paintings I regularly rebooted as many as 10 instances throughout a typical day. Usually dropping the paintings that I have been doing for the reason that last reboot.

Apple’s design of the Macintosh is as easy and elegant as the working system itself. Things are offered in a logical style, and it’s far really not possible for the brand new consumer to screw matters up. Every tool is plug and play, that means it simply works whilst you plug it in. Do exactly what meaning? There isn’t any want to install software, reboot, and scream with ache while things do not paintings.

Here are some different advantages to proudly owning a Macintosh. Better Graphics: Both the processing and the display is higher. Making movies, gaming and movies a lot better! Better reliability: Things simply work! No installing drivers, updating drivers, and all of the complications which are just ingrained in a PC. Better Performance: Apple makes use of fine components. Not junk that will wreck in just over a 12 months. I’ve used all my apple Mac computer systems for as a minimum 7 years, and I nevertheless have them! I regularly pass them on to own family contributors or set them up in a corner. They’re still strolling just like new! Better Interface: Everything is logical. There is not any guessing what things do! The ease of use is implausible.

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In the quit, why purchase a laptop that attempts to mimic Apple and does no longer have one authentic concept? Why not get the actual deal right in the beginning? Macs are a couple of step in advance in their competition in such a lot of approaches. It’s a disgrace that such a lot of people are actually ignorant of the greatness and ease that is a Macintosh PC. I actually advocate that if you’re “on the fence” about getting a Macintosh that you go and strive one for your self and you may be amazed simply how smooth the switch may be.

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