From the excessive decision of a 12-megapixel digicam to the charming exteriors, from smartphone characteristics to camera cellphone capabilities, the Sony Ericsson Idou has brought the standard cell telephone to a whole new degree. The marriage of the Swedish and the Japanese concept technique has been a boon to the cell phone sector. With a product like Sony Ericsson Idou in its kitty, a shot in the arm for the Cybershot brand could be predicted.

Some important inclusions:

HSDPA, Bluetooth, DLNA-licensed Wi-Fi, an accelerometer (motion sensor), microSD reminiscence card slot, USB 2.Zero connectivity and A-GPS – the words usually associated with any corrections, self-respecting, high-cease smartphones are also visible within the Sony Ericsson Idou; it has a 3.5″ touchscreen display that offers 360×640 pixels of decision. But those are ordinary; test the extra every day to understand what the hype is all about.

Sony Ericsson

UI that each person would want:

The town’s communication is the new, progressive UI to be utilized by Sony Ericsson within the Idou smartphone. Sony has never been so specific in its approach. It is the first time Sony is experimenting with this UI; consequently, it stands ahead of other Sony Ericsson phones. The handiest additional time Sony has been regarded to apply one-of-a-kind UI became with Windows Mobile-powered Xperia X1.

The slick and sublime contact interface over the 640×360 3. A five-inch screen brings out uncooked choices. The ease with possible transfer packages and that with 0 lag is awe-inspiring. Even the S60 used here may be very distinctive from Nokia’s S60 UI or Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Everything inout this handset speaks in plans to present most user consolation. There is a set of different panels on the pinnacle of the home display. All the user has to do is swipe left or right to take snaps or discover contacts.

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Listen to your preferred music or open motion pictures even as you pick up calls. This is but every other fantastic feature that this smartphone presents with the aid of a domestic screen that keeps a part of the media player open while you speak! It is promised that the very last model of this cellphone may have even greater capabilities to stay up for. We can count on to peer this someday later in the year.

Expansion and extra:

The M2 Memory card that this Sony Ericsson Idou proposes to use suggests the most effective component- extra growth! PlayNow Arena and the MediaGo software program from Sony Ericsson might be featured in the new Sony Idou. With this selection set, the consumer could be unfastened to sync domestic servers with many gadgets.

The complete enterprise waits with bated breath for the phone to come out. The competitors are just bowled over. Even with the software programs, this is a production nation; the Idou has carried out plenty to whet the appetites of telephone lovers around the arena.