When it comes to TV’s, there may be not anything quite like having a Sony. With decades of fine experience, this Japanese company has made a popularity for itself with all of the goods they invent however nothing quite invokes sighs of appreciation and deep envy that the TV’s they produce. Not handiest do they appearance right, however extra importantly, they’ve super high-quality that has been the benchmark for TVs everywhere in the international. And with the inclusion of the BRAVIA LCD TVs in their line-up, Sony has over again shown why they’re the corporation to beat.

Sony KDL26L4000


There are some people though that doesn’t have Sony first in thoughts after they determine to shop for an LCD TV. Why, due to the fact even though they might don’t have anything else, it additionally has a recognition for being pricier than other TV brands. This is a big false impression. True, there is no denying it, Sony can be a piece pricey, but there are some LCD TVs of their version lineup that can also be less costly and still have the touted Sony high-quality performance. And one in every of that is the Sony KDL26L4000.

The Sony KDL26L4000 26 inch LCD TV is one of the smaller fashions included within the Bravia LCD TV collection that Sony gives. Like the preceding Sony TV lineups, the Sony KDL26L4000 is a TV that has a sole reason of combining super performance, stylish designs, and a charge that is honest considering what it gives. And with the famed Bravia Engine within the Sony, you’re already one step beforehand in having a satisfying home viewing enjoyment.

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To a few, the Sony KDL26L4000 may additionally very well be defined as an less costly LCD TV because of its small length. Well sure, however, it truly is no longer it, its low priced as well while in comparison to other LCD TVs in its display display length. Another consideration is that the Sony KDL26L4000 TV is a part of the access stage collection. While it lacks the bells and whistles and all different functions that its higher end fashions own, the Sony greater than makes up for it in its photograph performance.

Besides the performance fine that an LCD TV affords, many human beings also are searching forward to the truth that LCD TVs may be used for a selection of video enter sources. And this is where connectivity problems stand up. Like the previous CRT TVs, connection alternatives are on the whole determined at the back of the set with those flat panel TVs. And with this Sony, you’ve got a mess of connections with a purpose to will let you use it with a spread of devices like video gamers, new generation video gaming consoles, a hi-def video digital camera, or even a PC, all yielding excessive fine photos. Available connections with this Sony TV include enter ports and sockets for 2 HDMI, RF antenna, S Video, 2 issue and 2 composite, PC, Ethernet, and a headphone.

Design clever, the Sony KDL26L4000 is a surprise to behold. It’s enchanting to have a look at this unit while it presentations its pinnacle pleasant video overall performance, and nonetheless continues on spell binding while became off. A smooth black bezel frames the screen and this is a standard with maximum Sony LCD TVs. And whether you pick to hold it on its stand positioned tabletop or hanged on the wall, this Sony television is the high-quality preference for individuals who want an LCD TV that promises exceptional now not simplest in overall performance, however also in durability.

Sony KDL37U4000 – Where Value is Placed in Performance


When it involves digital gadgets, no employer casts a massive shadow to the competition as an awful lot as Sony does. This Japanese electronics organisation has developed a extensive fan base all over the international and has been invariably made the barometer in all its endeavors. One Sony product that has usually progressed and continues to impress, and believed through many to be its cornerstone, is its tv fashions. While a few can be cautious approximately shopping a Sony TV due to its popularity for being pricier than others, this isn’t always the case constantly.

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The top class that Sony has is based on the reality that you are ensured which you are getting a nicely engineered and designed TV that assures consumer pride in performance quality and that you are becoming the satisfactory. And with the Sony LCD TVs, you have become what you maximum count on from the emblem and much more. But you do not clearly have to go broke in case you ever want to shop for a Sony LCD TV, a lot much less one that comes with a huge 37 inch screen. This is the case with the Sony KDL37U4000.

Sony has constantly made it a concern to offer their products with the latest improvements and to provide capabilities that eclipse the ones from its competitors, and finally, and extra importantly, guarantee that they provide the utmost and finest nice. But they have got additionally ensured that they are able to provide merchandise that many human beings can find the money for without sacrificing their superb intention, top overall performance level. And it is why they release base models just like the Sony KDL37U4000.

The Sony KDL37U4000 is part of the entry stage model series brought in 2008. While this 37 inch HD LCD TV casts an enforcing mission for space, its sizeable size is a specific stunner. Most everyone has at one point dreamed of a massive TV, and being a Sony no much less, the Sony KDL37U4000 has a big price drop from its higher give up brethren and is a real good deal considering its length and the fine it offers.

To be perfectly sincere, the Sony KDL37U4000, being a base version is not comparable overall performance clever to the excessive tier Sony LCD models that was launched with it. Not to mention that this Sony TV isn’t any suitable, but most effective that the higher cease fashions are better.

With that stated, it is just truthful to look the Sony KDL37U4000 in a mild that shows how advanced it’s far as compared to other models made with the aid of other top name brands, even to fashions a degree or better. Even although it’s Sony’s stripped off model in their famous Bravia LCD TV line, it nonetheless is bequeathed with the notable generation each Sony LCD possesses.

Aside from the wealthy pics, optimized comparison for more depth and element, and extraordinary shade and clarity of the overall performance of its display screen, the Sony KDL37U4000 is likewise full of some of awesome features that makes it more appealing, despite being inside the base degree bracket. Added comfort may be located on the returned panel wherein options for connections are located. What you get are 3 HDMI ports, a component input, composite input, composite output, phono output, s-video enter, two scart connections, and a vga (HD-15) input.

Sony KDL32S5500 – The Affordable 32 Inch Sony

Buying a Sony TV has been a long time dream for a few, most specifically if it’s a Hi-Def LCD TV. Any dwelling room or bachelor’s pad will nearly right away get a primary facelift and upgrade. And for some this dream stays as such because maximum commonly, Sony instructions the top charge. This is however natural for a TV emblem that has gained worldwide repute no longer most effective for its outstanding fine, however additionally for its generation-leading improvements that has paved the manner for lots other producers.

Fortunately even though, the Sony HD LCD TV dream is now less difficult to obtain, and this comes inside the shape of the Sony KDL32S5500. Part of the access level line up that Sony added in 2009, this 32 inches extensive screen TV is the answer to people who need a Sony TV which might be willing to bypass through some of the higher stop features that the pinnacle tier fashions have.

Lacking capabilities which can make any self respecting techno geek weep, the Sony KDL32S5500 are for folks who just wants a brilliant looking TV that offers them a tremendous TV watching revel in, and has a awesome popularity for being a product this is dependable, regular, long lasting, and presents authentic value.


While the Sony KDL32S5500 might not take the blue ribbon for the first-class layout, Sony has opted to stay with their conventional immediately square strains and stocky define that conjures up a glance that states it is old style. To a few even though, mainly those who offer lots fee to their belongings, take refuge in this design as it offers a sense that it’s miles durable, strong, and will ultimate a long term.

One the biggest disappointments that the Sony KDL32S5500 came with is the fact that it wasn’t bequeathed with a lot predicted and advanced Bravia Engine three processing gadget, however rather had the Bravia Engine 2 which was used on its previous models. While the preceding processing engine provided incredible photo first-rate and overall performance, having the upgraded version could be first-class. Still, the Sony KDL32S5500 could be very able to generate HD high-quality images as there may be compatibility with 1080p/24fp.

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LCD TV specialists have complained that the Sony KDL32S5500 turned into only given a 33000:1 evaluation ratio, that is virtually manner below the one hundred thousand:1 that the higher stage fashions from Sony acquired. In reality, higher comparison ratio levels had been discovered in unknown and unheard reasonably-priced logo names. They say that low comparison ratio doesn’t provide the private blacks and looks some shades lighter as compared to different excessive give up LCD TVs. For those which might be searching out a low budget no frills Sony LCD TV, this is a completely minor issue as it’s miles slightly sizable, and it’s miles in the main TV specialists that could perceive this. While the blacks may not be at par with better give up LCD sets, they may be decently above average and follows shape.

Comparing the Sony KDL32S5500 to its larger brethren is noticeably prejudicial. There is a purpose why this Sony TV is priced tons decrease and you cannot assume the high-quality to be the equal. And even though we may additionally say that the overall performance quality is lower with this Sony TV, it would not imply it does not supply at the Sony excellent. The Sony KDL32S5500 is a wonderful performing HD LCD TV thinking about that it’s a base degree, higher end Sony LCD TV models may additionally provide better best, but there’s a premium to be paid for such higher excellence, a top class many can do without.