Search engine marketing pointers will let you get higher Yahoo or Google listings, however handiest if you use them. Most humans assume that they recognize better, despite this referred to as search engine optimization specialists who have to apply PPC advertising and marketing to get their websites listed exceedingly sufficient to be seen. Who are they to inform us what to do after they can not do it themselves?

I even have had some of them write to me criticizing my ‘crap’ HTML and my ‘vain’ linking techniques. My site has ‘handiest a Page Rank of 3’. So what? It is sitting at between #1 on #five on Google from day to day, at # 1 to #4 on Yahoo from every day, and at #1 on MSN. I will gladly accept their complaint about my HTML and linking after they achieve the equal. Till then, perhaps they would be better buying my e-book than complaining about my websites!

I might sense extra predisposed to them if they stopped criticizing me – I best started to do the identical to them after I got unwell in their feedback after they could not emulate my consequences. Who am I, a rank amateur, to conquer them within the search engine marketing stakes!! In truth, I had been at this for decades.

So, SEO Tip #1 – don’t accept as true with whatever you’re told unless the ones telling you it has at the least considered one of their web sites within the pinnacle five on all the major engines like google for a aggressive key-word. Mine has >800 million other results on Google.

Tip 2 – use classical seo. Use Meta tags because a few search engines like google still use them. The foremost one is the Description Meta tag – Keywords are not so vital but use them anyway. It does no longer harm you, so use them.

The 1/3 tip relates to the identity of your website—2 factors related to this. The first is that it has to be a great keyword that you may locate related to your niche or internet site. That method an excellent call for an occasional delivery, though an excessive amount of is from time to time written approximately this when you consider that such keywords aren’t easy to discover.

If you cannot something with low supply, use what you want and determine to compete in opposition to them. Somebody needs to be the pinnacle, and why cannot or not it’s you? Too many humans surrender in search engine marketing too quickly. We are probably advised no longer to compete in opposition to the big boys – by way of these large boys!!

The 2nd factor is that the title of your website wants not to be stated on each internet page. My internet page titles are those of the web page, not the website online. The portraits are the same, but the title is the keyword that the web page is optimized for. Why do in any other case? Yet 99.99% do (only a wager!). Then fourth of my SEO pointers are associated with the headings on every web page. The predominant identity of the web page ought to be in H1 tags and the heading in H2 tags. You do not need any greater, but any subheadings can go into H3 tags but have to include textual content that might be construed as minor-key phrases.

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I am probably wrong, but who says? I have located that if you ignore the large men and compete with them, they may be beaten. Check out what they are looking to promote you, and you may note that much of it’s far out of dates, such as website generation and article era software. That’s now not a search engine marketing tip, just a word to the smart, from the no longer so sensible. I have no pretensions, but I recognize that my domestic page is on Google – and Yahoo – and MSN. Just look for ‘article offerings.’

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The 5th SEO tip is to use your keywords sparingly. Most human beings still suppose that 1% – 3% keyword density is right, but it is clearly an excessive amount. There is a most excellent keyword density with little to do with the keyword itself; however, it is greater to do with contextual relevance of the web page content to the topic. Which ends in the sixth of the search engine optimization suggestions: write certainly and truly. If you realize your situation, write approximately it in your very own language and don’t try and meet any perceived want for a specific number of so-referred to as keywords inside your web page content material.

Seventh, do not forget approximately your hyperlinks. You can get a better search engine list when you have lots of links returned to your internet site from other sites. In reality, the hyperlinks are from web page to page, and also you get a proportion of the Google PageRank of the page linking to you, relative to the variety of different links leaving that page, and additionally provide the page which you link to a percentage of your PageRank, calculated within the identical way. The problem with reciprocal hyperlinks is that maximum pages are connected to and from pages with a PageRank of zero, even though the domestic page will have a PR of 6 or 7.

SEO tip eight. Use your internal linking to maximize the PageRank of a selected page to your website. You don’t want each page in your site listed in the pinnacle 10 of Google or Yahoo: you only want one. To maximize your efforts on that one page. Visitors that web page will then visit the rest of the pages in your website, and so will seek engine spiders, so you recognize that every page for your website can be listed and with a risk of being found in a seek.