Craig McLachlan, who has denied allegations of indecent attack, sexual harassment, exposing himself, and bullying lady colleagues, was born in September 1965 and grew up on the Central Coast of NSW. McLachlan and his first wife, Karen Williams, fell in love while appearing in the leading roles at The Entrance High School’s give up to 12 months musical. McLachlan becomes 15, and Williams a year older.

Craig McLachlan was accused of sexual attack and harassment. A joint Fairfax Media/ABC research shows that Award-Winning Australian actor Craig McLachlan has been charged with indecent assault, sexual harassment, and bullying while acting in the hit musical ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ in 2014. McLachlan left college the following 12 months to pursue his acting dream.

He auditioned unsuccessfully for TV classified ads and display examined with Nicole Kidman, then 14. He is again domestic to paintings as a laborer and a plumber’s assistant. His second attempt to interrupt the enterprise noticed him scoring a guest position at the TV soap Sons and Daughters in late 1986. The following year, he shot to stardom in Neighbours, where he performed the role of Henry Ramsay, brother of Kylie Minogue’s person Charlene.

Craig McLachlan

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‘He’s a predator’: Craig McLachlan was accused of indecent assault. Accolades accompanied and, with 24, McLachlan had received four Logies, including the coveted Gold Logie for the exceptional persona on Australian TV. However, at the same time as his professional life was flourishing, his private existence turned into tatters. At 21, he married Williams, but they kept the marriage a mystery.

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