Personal loans are offered at the lowest interest rates by state-owned banks. The interest rate of a personal loan starts at 8.9% for a Rs. 5 Lakhs loan with a five-year term at Union Bank of India and Central Bank of India. Punjab National Bank (PNB) comes in second with 8.95 percent.

While the interest rate of personal loans appears to be lower due to the system’s low interest rates, they are still higher than secured loans such as gold loans, which start at 7%, and top-up home loans. Personal loans are more costly than secured loans because they are unsecured. These can be avoided until all other means for raising funds have been exhausted, such as loans against endowment insurance plans, EPF, PPF, bonds, and mutual funds.

Leading private banks such as HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank charge 10.5 percent interest on personal loans. Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank charge 10.49 and 10.75 percent interest on personal loans, respectively.

BanksInterest Rate (PA)
Union Bank of India8.90%
Central Bank of India8.90%
Punjab National Bank8.95%
Indian Bank9.05%
Punjab and Sind Bank9.50%
IDBI Bank9.50%
Bank of Maharashtra9.55%
State Bank of India9.60%
Bank of Baroda10.00%
UCO Bank10.05%

Disclaimer For the Above Table

As of March 25, 2021, data was gathered from the respective banks’ websites. The interest rate on personal loans for all public and private banks listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) was considered when compiling the data. Banks whose data isn’t available on their websites aren’t considered. Banks are classified in ascending order by interest rate, with the bank with the lowest rate at the top and the highest rate at the bottom. For a Rs. 5 Lakh loan with a five-year term, the EMI is calculated using the interest rate shown in the figure.

The interest and charges shown in the table are estimates and can differ depending on the terms and conditions of these banks. If your credit score is poor or the bank’s credit appraisal team perceives you as a risky borrower, you could be charged a much higher rate, depending on many factors, such as your income and occupation.

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