What is the Equitable Distribution of Assets in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is an equitable distribution of property kingdom. R.I.G.L 15-5-16.1 is the statute that pertains to the equitable distribution of property. The Rhode Island Supreme Court has stated on numerous events that marriage is an Economic Partnership. The equitable distribution statute is designed to assign marital assets in a Rhode Island Divorce primarily based in general on the contributions that each party made to the marital estate. Judges in Rhode Island have numerous discretion to divide marital property equitably. Equitable does now not constantly mean the same!

The assets divided obviously consist of actual estate, pensions, retirement accounts, 401k, automobiles, boats, artwork, collectibles, bank accounts, ira’s, motorcycles, motors, time stocks, furniture, televisions, computers, and enterprise pursuits. Retirement advantages are marital belongings underneath Rhode Island Law if acquired at some stage in the direction of the marriage. Certain disability pensions may not be a marital asset.

What steps should a Rhode Island Family Court Judge use to make an equitable distribution in a Rhode Island Divorce?

Equitable division of assets in RI is a multi-step method. The first step is for the Judge to determine what property constitutes marital property in Rhode Island. After a judge determines what constitutes marital belongings, the Rhode Island Family Court judge must practice the factors outlined in 15-16.1. The choice must finally equitably divide the marital assets.

What are the Automatic Court Orders, and while do they pass into impact?

The Husband and wife should be careful no longer to violate the automated courtroom orders referring to the events’ belongings. This computerized order enters upon the Plaintiff signing the Divorce Petition as to the Plaintiff. It will become effective as to the Defendant inside the divorce whilst the summons is served upon the Defendant. This order essentially prevents both birthday celebrations from unlawfully dissipating assets or canceling lifestyles or medical insurance, amongst other things.

What property and property constitute Marital Property issue to equitable distribution in RI?

All assets acquired during the Marriage route with the aid of both birthday party constitutes Marital belongings situation to equitable distribution with positive exempt belongings set forth beneath. Gifts given via the parties to each different are marital assets which can be equitably divided in a Rhode Island Divorce.

What belongings aren’t marital assets beneath Rhode Island Divorce Law?

Premarital assets aren’t a situation to the equitable department statute. Premarital assets are assets that turned into obtained via either spouse before the date of the wedding. Income derived from the premarital property during the direction of the marriage is subject to the equitable distribution statute. The appreciation in fee of premarital assets throughout the wedding route is also a situation to the equitable department statute.


To appreciate the price of premarital assets to be equitably divided, the appreciation needs to result from the partner’s efforts who do now not very own the asset previous to the marriage. This provision requiring that the appreciation results from the efforts of the opposite partner are regularly loosely carried out in Rhode Island (RI) Family Court, mainly in marriages of long length.

It is critical to note that the Rhode Island (RI) Legislature made a difference among interest and appreciation in figuring out whether or not the other spouse should have expended any effort. The RI legislature did no longer require any effort of the other partner so as for interest derived from premarital assets to be equitably divided by way of the Rhode Island Family Court docket in a divorce. It isn’t always required that hobbies earned from premarital belongings be derived from the efforts of the opposite spouse.

Gifts from 0.33 parties, whether or not received before or in the course of the wedding, are not marital property challenge to the equitable division below Rhode Island Law. The income and appreciation from gifted assets aren’t always marital belongings. This especially consists of existing coverage and distributions from trusts. Inherited property isn’t marital assets. The profits and appreciation of inherited belongings aren’t subject to the equitable distribution statute in an RI divorce. A superior diploma is not a marital asset. A professional’s license, inclusive of a legal professional’s license to practice law, isn’t a marital asset.

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Can belongings, which become originally non-marital separate property, be transformed into marital belongings?

Yes. The Rhode Island divorce case of Quinn v Quinn is the seminal RI case about the doctrine of transmutation. The doctrine of transmutation can exchange the character of nonmarital belongings for marital belongings.