Not everybody has the cash funds to enjoy the liberty of spending 200$ or even up to a few hundred more for the best dry herb vaporizer ever to enjoy their herb’s full potential. It can seem really daunting to try and choose a lower-end model out of fear of defects or low-quality products for those who can’t. There’s such a huge number of different vapes these days due to the huge boom in vaporizing popularity in general.

More and more people learn about how much better your lung’s vapor is than smoke, which stimulates business to create a slightly saturated market and potentially cheap, gimmicky devices that won’t survive much wear tear. That’s why this article’s going to tell you exactly which model is just about the all-around most versatile and quality vape in regards to the broadest overview of features.


The Boundless CFC brings a whole lot to the table for only 90$. There are certainly other models out there for under 100 that might be better at certain things or have a sturdier design. Still, the CFC gives you a bit of everything and actually executes it well without sacrificing too much quality. First of all, you get pinpoint temperature control in a nice, wide range which is super rare for such an inexpensive model. There’s a nice simple, subtle digital display to show you the temperature and battery level on the side. This model is also tiny, so it’s extremely portable and can fit into almost any male pant pockets (sorry, girls, maybe not for you), which means it’s quite discreet as well.

The heat-up time isn’t out of this world or anything, but thirty seconds isn’t awful by any stretch of the imagination either. The only real negative which comes inherently with any vape of such a small size is that since the mouthpiece is only medical-grade plastic (which means it’s entirely safe at even the highest temperatures), it doesn’t disperse heat very well and can get pretty hot by the end of a, particularly long sesh. All in all, this is easily the best dry herb vaporizer in terms of the modern features it provides for such a low cost.