In response to big protests that have rocked Iran in the latest weeks, the country’s government has been cracking down on capability seats of unrest, which includes through its nation-supervised internet. With social media sites already dealing with shutdowns, net activists fear that Iran’s wider internet will be subsequent.

For the nonprofit NetFreedom Pioneers (NFP), this risk makes their race to spread the phrase approximately Toosheh. This unfastened program lets customers download sources via satellite TV for PC, which is much more critical in the coming days. According to the activist group Toosheh (meaning “knapsack”), ladies are especially at hazard if they can not get set up for downloading earlier than a shutdown comes, which is why they may be now inquiring for translators, organizers, and everyday social media-sharers to help but they can.

Developed in response to net censorship and occasional levels of getting the right of entry to Iran and its surrounding regions, the software program permits users to download 8GB of facts in line with day from the sector outdoor the usage of a best laptop, a USB power, and the kind of domestic TV satellite setup that’s commonplace at some stage in Iran. That package deal contains an array of sources and entertainment that maximum internet users take with no consideration, including everyday information, films, TV series, tune videos, podcasts, e-books, and the most current software for computer and cellular devices. Thanks to several nonprofit organizations’ paintings, the applications have also been turned into cautiously prepared and translated sources for promoting the rights and proper well-being of ladies and LGBTQIA individuals in Iran.

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Mehdi Yahyanejad, the co-founding father of the NFP, commented via email that emailing corporations with an outdoor virtual guide has been key to the mission. “That’s especially proper now, in a time of prospective crisis in Iran, while the threat of a web shutdown could be forthcoming,” Yahyanejad stated. “Toosheh might be the primary source of virtual statistics, mainly for content referring to ladies.”

In Iran, getting the right of entry to records has been some of the most intense cat and mouse games citizens have had to struggle with,” explained Simin Kargar, Program Manager for the NFP, by e-mail. “From the kingdom’s monoemailver telecommunication equipment to get right of entry to online content material that often requires bypassing Internet censorship, these systems all essentially stifle human rights to get entry to statistics and freedom of expression.”

“Added to that is the truth that girls and sexual minorities concurrently warfare with different social, cultural and technological obstacles to access the type of records that resonate with them and corresponds to their precise needs.” For instance, Kargar said, “Information about sexual fitness, reproductive rights, and gender problems might not be as easy on hand in Iran as it is somewhere else because such content not simplest faces censorship from the kingdom; however, additionally, does it pass over certain social and cultural taboos.”

“Therefore, it is paramount to provide innovative equipment to girls and marginalized corporations through which they could triumph over some of those barriers and to equip them with substances to make informed selections for his or her personal, professional, and collective lives,” she continued. At the same time, Kargar noted that internet disruptions in Iran peaked in the past week, causing many people to lose access to websites and messaging apps, such as the famous Telegram, which they depend upon for information and updates.

“In these occasions which facilitate dissemination of misinformation very quickly, it’s miles crucial to elevate focus approximately opportunity modes of verbal exchange and offer credible assets of news and information, and to no longer permit for an entire disconnect of Iranians, especially girls and other vulnerable agencies, from the global Internet.”

To assist ladies and different marginalized groups in pursuing their very own social change irrespective of the political weather, Toosheh’s statistics packages have blanketed resources and enter from such structures as Jens, which teaches sexual and virtual protection through the use of illustrated tales and Macholand, looking for to lessen discrimination within the country “in moves and mind,” with special emphasis on sexism and LGBTQIA-phobia.

Mahsa Alimardani is a London-based total net researcher and Ph.D. Student at Oxford University’s Internet Institute has helped broaden projects to advance political participation and consciousness in Iran through Article 19, a freedom of expression NGO based in London. By email, she commented that addressing issues of misogynemail tech and net margin in Iran had been her institution’s two essential goals with Jensiat. This graphic novel tackles both in an interesting and informative way.

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“Unfortunately, we were censored a few weeks into our release, so our partnerships with gear like Toosheh have been precious for attaining our audience’s inner Iran,” she stated. In Jensiat’s case, over 1,000,000 users have analyzed the story and interacted with the internet site’s guides, proving that an audience is there if it can be reached.

Sarah Bowers, the Outreach Coordinator for the NFP, also cited using e-mail that her revel in reading and running with properly-meaning worldwiemailrovement corporations from the West has made her recognize Toosheh’s technique Iranians use to help themselves through records.

“Except myself, the Toosheh group is produced from recently immigrated Iranians who have the cultural-historical past, experience, and perspectives of these they’re operating to serve,” Bowers wrote. “In truth, as immigrants who nonetheless have ties to Iran, maximum of them are setting themselves a chance by running for Toosheh, and use aliases and different safety features to protect their identities.”

And importantly, she said, “Toosheh isn’t always an organization telling its benefactors what to accept as true with or how to trade, [but rather] empowers Iranian users with the variety of records, exclusive views, and knowledge essential to form their evaluations and to behave for that reason.”

“At this time, several of these [contributing Persian] agencies are in diaspora groups. However, they are laying the foundation for similar organizations in Iran. Toosheh is a part of that,” Bowers added.

To ensure Toosheh’s packages of data preserve arrive, the group calls on activists and internet freedom supporters from all corners of the net to help prep sources and ensure delivery. Still, they could–typically, in less time than it takes to compose a tweet.