Q: Before the 2017-06 Windows Blog Express 10 Updates, I could install Envy Core i7 on my ViewSonic screen without hassle. I cannot move to the View Sonic reveal or a TV-capable HDMI installation. The blunders I get hold of are: “Your PC can’t handle the assignment to every other display. Try reinstalling the driving force or using an exclusive video card.” A PC repair corporation in Katy says it will uninstall Windows, then reinstall Windows, and I will need to reinstall my software like MS Office, and so forth. That doesn’t sit properly with me. Any recommendations?

A: It is not unusual for working gadget updates to cause troubles with a computer. Sometimes shared documents get up to date that purpose hardware drivers to forestall working nicely. The appropriate news is that you shouldn’tpay a computer store to restore a problem like this. Especially one that involves a whole reinstall of Windows to resolve an easy motive force difficulty. And as the mistake suggests, that is almost clearly a motive force issue.

working system

To type this out, I would advise genuinely updating the software on your video card. To do that, open a Windows seek box, search Device Manager, and click on it when it appears inside the list of effects. Extend the Display Drivers phase, right-click on your video card access, and pick out Update Driver. In the window that appears, click on Search routinely for the updated motive force software program, and your laptop will look for and set up any updates it unearths. Once that is complete, you need to be able to use the projector alternative again.

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Updating tool drivers is a superb way to hold your PC, walking at top efficiency. At the very least, I recommend updating show and community drivers as a reminder of ordinary protection. If the method I defined above doesn’t locate any updates, you could also test your PC manufacturer’s website to see if they publish any new software.

The new Files app debuts on each iPad and iPhone. It offers what many people have overlooked with iOS — a document system with folders. You can access files and folders on the iPad, iCloud Drive, and a chain of other cloud offerings, including Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. Dropbox assist is in the manner.

Don’t count on something like the revel in of macOS Finder or Windows Explorer, at the least for now. While I could see documents and folders, I couldn’t always open them inside the Files app. For instance, if I chose a Google Drive Docs report, it wouldn’t open inside the iOS Google Docs app, even though I should edit these documents directly inside the iOS Google Docs app.

It’s quality to fire up the apps that create and write these documents instead of getting entry to them this new way. There are exceptions. Without problems, I should get access to and open PDF documents on distinctive cloud services throughugh the Files apps.

Don’t anticipate keeping Apple proprietary documents in preferred ­locations. For example, Pages files can’t be dropped into OneDrive via the Files app, nor Notes into Google Drive. It’s a controlled document implementation to get the right to enter the gadget.

There’s a main trade to the photo and video format on iPhone 7 and more recent iPads. They are HEIF and HEVC in preference to JPEG and H.264. Apple says the alternate saves up to 50, consistent with the cent of the area. Images and video are converted and returned to normal formats while transferring to a Mac or PC.

But this creates incompatibility trouble with 1/3-birthday celebration apps if and until they adapt to the new format. In Google Photos in iOS, I was given the message “too big or unknown kind” when I tried to back up a HEIF picture. So in Google Photos (which many iOS users have), pics taken on one Apple tool don’t appear on others, although they work in high quality with iOS Photos of the route.

In Settings/General/iPhone, there’s a selectable new feature known as “Offload Unused Apps,” which purges a phone of unused apps, even though information and documents generated through those apps stay on my iPhone 6 Plus, which amounts to almost 2GB. Apps can be offloaded manually, too.

If you have a chum over and both have iOS gadgets, you may proportion your Wi-Fi with them without giving them a password. You reply to a spark off to allow them on for your community. Other iOS eleven modifications consist of searching handwritten notes, iCloud syncing of iMessages across devices (which must have taken place years ago), marking up PDFs and screenshots, and beginning translations with Siri. A scrolling app drawer at the lowest iMessage lets in the version of maps, documents, and other media to messages. That will include character-to-character bills while Apple Pay works here.