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How to Use Data Analytics to Increase Conversions

How can you increase conversions when you’re selling eBooks? One of the easiest ways to increase your conversions is to


Slope Game – How to Play

Slope Game is a fun puzzle game where you try to climb up a mountain slope. While it can get


The Cell Phone Will Become the Quartz Watch

The Apple Watch is a fashion accessory. The Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular connectivity is more useful than its


Wear White at a Wedding and Get A Refund Guarantee

Wedding dresses are not white by default, but white gowns can be made to order by the stores or a


How Loan against property is different from Home Loan?

When a borrower borrows a sum of money from banks or NBFCs at a specific interest rate to buy a

Tech Updates

How are AI and Cognitive Technologies are Transforming the Insurance Industry?

AI technology is changing the face of many industries, sectors, and markets, and the digital insurance sector is one of


What is the OTP in a Credit Card Transaction?

The OTP, an acronym that stands for one time password, is a means of guaranteeing a secure way to log

Auto Mobile

How to Switch Your Car Insurance Provider Online?

Insurance plans have a validity that is defined at the start. This is true for all insurance policies you buy,


Benefits of a Critical Illness Insurance Policy and Who Should Buy One?

Life is beautiful but fragile. Despite all the care, we never know when our health fails. With life-threatening illnesses on

Travel n Tour

How to Spend a Romantic Getaway to Singapore

Known for its urban and tropical details, Singapore has become a top tourist destination for vacation lovers and honeymooners looking