The Bharatiya Janata Party has strongly objected to the proposals being made via Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao to amend the Panchayat Raj Act of 1992. “Going through what’s being circulated thru media leaks through the TRS Government, all of the proposed amendments are in clear violation of the letter and spirit of the Indian Constitution. The Panchayat Raj Act of 1992 and the Municipalities Act of 1992 are national legal guidelines handed after 73rd & 74th Constitutional amendments.

While State Government can make amendments for the equal regionally as there is provision for the same, the amendments cannot ultra wire or deviate from the countrywide regulation framework. In the 3-tier nearby frame device proposed for self-governance, the existing Panchayat Raj regulation surely via 243 (A) to 243 (o) outlines the budget, features, and functionaries of the nearby our bodies and the electoral technique which want to be done by using the kingdom election fee every five years,” Telangana BJP Spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao stated in a media assertion today.


The BJP leader stated that CM KCR’s plan to amend the Act to make certain Sarpanch election is conducted in a roundabout way deviating from the present law of direct election could be a ‘daydream.’ “Other amendments CM is presenting to reduce the powers vested with Sarpanch, carry in a provision for the elimination a Sarpanch based totally on his performance and his other politically stimulated amendments might be stalled by using the Courts for overriding the existing national laws,” he said.

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He accused CM KCR of waging an ‘unethical struggle against hundreds of Sarpanches in Telangana’ to manipulate them politically via those proposed amendments. “The ministerial sub-committee set up using the CM is hogwash, and BJP considers it as toothless. BJP strongly believes that CM KCR is attempting to hijack our bodies’ neighborhood for his celebration’s electoral results inside the standard and meeting due shortly.

He is likewise looking to deviate public interest from his government’s failure to supply the electoral promises TRS made to the public. BJP will fight to guard the sanctity of nearby our bodies’ independence & nearby authorities’ roles & obligations supplied by the constitutional amendments of 73 & 74. BJP will also explore all felony alternatives to stall the unconstitutional amendments CM KCR is proposing to make to Panchayat Raj Act of 1992 within the kingdom,” he introduced.

To say our founding fathers have been ahead thinking is a real understatement. The research that Mark Levin presents in this e-book, The Liberty Amendments, is an affidavit to those men who labored so difficult to craft a Republic that could be sustainable and as impervious to corruption as possible.

Unfortunately, the events of the ultimate 100 plus years, especially the ultimate eight (8) years, are a dwelling testimony to those fears of our Founding Fathers. Yet, there’s an answer that has been in front of us for all the one’s years, Article V (five) of our Constitution.

Mark Levin shared why Article V changed into blanketed inside the Constitution by way of our framers. Our founding fathers understood the “nature of guy respective to government” and tried to write a charter that might permit “We the humans” to limit the overreaching nature of man.

Those who believe in our Constitutional Republic are these days disillusioned and discouraged by the moves of those who appear to be anti-Constitution and anti “We the People.” Levin cites many examples of how the federal government keeps overstretching its constitutional authority through the Interstate Commerce Clause.

One of the satisfactory examples Levin provided to showcase Statism changed into the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA) that to start with had a time frame of 5 years due to the fact Congress at that time diagnosed it changed into a “shaky” law. Yet Congress persevered to increase this law till 2006, wherein the law obtained some other 25 12 months extension. Most of the injustices that this regulation oversaw now not exist. The easy purpose of its extension was to retain to restrict states’ rights.

We are a rustic of the United States. Our framers desired the federal government to be subservient to the States and no longer the master. Now “We the People” are economic indentured servants to elected politicians who consider our cash is their money as they retain to rack up unsustainable debt to ensure their own illegal authority.

Levin’s studies provide insight as to the almost disgust some of our former elected Presidents felt for this united state together with FDR. Some of those quotations are pretty foretelling why statists and progressives who surely disliked and in all likelihood hated our Constitutional Republic.

Throughout the 220 pages, Levin showcases our founders’ ahead-thinking nature and not just the popular ones, inclusive of Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton that many recognize. The documentation inside this ebook is supported using an intensive bankruptcy by way of a chapter, bibliography.

Beyond all the historical records I did now not recognize, I definitely enjoyed Levin’s prose and how he wove the first-rate story of our past, our gift, and our destiny. His case for a Constitution Convention to advocate amendments to our Constitution is sound, logical, and without emotional foundation except for a love of this u. S. As he notes, his proposed amendments are the beginning of dialogue due to the fact having a few sound rational bases for any speak works to begin that verbal exchange moving ahead.

If our Constitutional Republic is going to preserve, then this ebook needs to study and afford a direction of action for “We the People.” Now is the time for all suitable ladies and men to use the very tool our forward-thinking founders supplied due to the fact they surely knew that “strength corrupts and absolute electricity corrupts simply.”