Ein Captcha-Plugin mit eingebauter Hintertür ist auf three hundred.000 WordPress-Seiten aktiv. Mittlerweile ist eine bereinigte Version erschienen. Das Vertrauen in den Entwickler bröckelt weiter. Das WordPress-Plugin Captcha hatte eine Backdoor eingebaut, über die Betrüger auf WordPress-Seiten zugreifen können. Davor warnen Sicherheitsforscher von WordFence. Die Version 4.4.5 von Captcha soll die Hintertür nicht mehr enthalten.

Captcha kommt auf three hundred.000 WordPress-Seiten aktiv zum Einsatz. Nutzer sollten sicherstellen, dass sie die aktuelle Ausgabe installiert haben – den Sicherheitsforschern zufolge ist die Backdoor seit der Version 4.Three.7 mit an Bord. Nun darf der Entwickler das Plugin nur noch mit vom WordPress-Team abgesegneten Updates aktualisieren. Die verseuchte Version wurde automatisch an Nutzer ausgespielt. Betrachtet guy den Entwickler Simplywordpress näher, schrumpft das Vertrauen weiter und es liegt nahe, das Plugin dauerhaft zu entfernen.


Mysteriöse Vorkommnisse

Simplywordpress wechselte im September den Besitzer – Namen wurden dabei nicht bekannt gegeben. Wer wirklich dahinter steckt, ist bis heute unklar. WordFence ist jedoch während den Recherchen eigenen Angaben zufolge immer wieder auf den Namen einer Person gestoßen, die in der Vergangenheit WordPress-Plugins aufgekauft hat, um mit diesen Backlinks auf Nutzer-Webseiten zu platzieren.

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So hat er den Page Rank von seinen geschäftlichen Webseiten gepusht, damit diese bei einer Internetsuche besser gefunden werden. Das soll auch Sinn und Zweck der Backdoor in Captcha sein. Simplywordpress hat it Covert me Popup, Death To Comments, Human Captcha, Smart Recaptcha, Social Exchange notch weitere mit einer Hintertür ausgestattete Plugins im Angebot. Diese sind aber nicht in der offiziellen Plugin-Quelle von WordPress verfügbar. Man konnte sie auf der Webseite der Entwickler herunterladen – dies ist der Zeit offline. (des)

While growing net programs with WordPress, developers connect the application to 1/3-birthday party programs and services via precise utility programming interfaces (APIs). They use a spread of APIs to decorate the WordPress utility’s functionality and user reveal. WordPress REST API permits programmers to attach their applications to other software programs and services with less difficulty and more efficiently. The developers can use the plugin to connect their WordPress application to other websites and services by overcoming differences in information forma and lower back-end programming languages—understanding Important Aspects of WordPress REST API.

JSON Data Format

They can use the plugin to make the WordPress software speak with 0.33-birthday party software and services by sending and receiving JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) items. JSON is a modern-day and human-readable statistics layout. Also, JSON has encoders and decoders for the most broadly used programming languages. Hence, the WordPress application and third-birthday celebration software program can alternate facts in an intelligible layout. The developers can also join their WordPress application seamlessly to an expansion of software and services via writing simple JavaScript code.

REST Methodology

WordPress has designed the plugin as an ordinary connector using the Representational State Transfer (REST) method. In addition to having an easy records layout, REST lets builders apply usually used HTTP methods like POST, GET, DELETE, and PUT. At the same time, the technique can facilitate the exchange of records in each XML and JSON format. The REST methodology simplifies the verbal exchange among programs. It similarly makes the WordPress application alternate data with other websites and services in XML and JSON design.

Compatibility with Other Web Programming Languages

While developing websites with WordPress, programmers ought to write code in PHP. At present, PHP is the most famous server-side programming language. However, it lacks many advanced functions provided by using contemporary programming languages like Ruby, Java, and C#. Hence, many builders opt to write web applications in modern-day programming languages. The WordPress REST API will make it less difficult for programmers to attach WordPress packages to different websites and offerings, irrespective of their server-side programming language. The seamless connection will also assist programmers in getting rid of commonplace compatibility problems.

When you need to strike a stability between a number of-of things like high-quality, capability, and fee, you robotically select the golden mean that would give you a little bit of the whole lot! A device like WordPress gives corporations the right mix of features, capability, and ver, lastly, high quality. WordPress is the modern maximum desired CMS for speedy improvement and deployment of websites for both large and small businesses with wealth constructed-in functions and numerous plugins to decorate the capability. Here’s what makes WordPress the most preferred preference for internet site development nowadays:

Quick and easy installation

WordPress is simple to start with. The setup is simple and, more importantly, quick. All you want to do is input a few simple facts, and you are desirable to go! You can both do a full setup or a custom-designed one.

Website issues

WordPress has some constructed-in themes; you could use these subject matters to create your website quickly. Well, if you want to, you can customize these subject matters and make them more suitable for your commercial enterprise. Website themes are to be had immediately from WordPress or are provided by way of the third-celebration. You can easily tailor them to apply your business branding colors and strategies.

TChancesare you have already heard of WordPress. But what is WordPress? WordPress is a web software program you can use to create your website or blog. Since it launched in 2003, WordPress has emerged as one of the most famous web publishing systems, and today, it powers more than 70 million websites. Because it’s built on enterprise-popular Hypertext Preprocessor and MySQL, the WordPress web hosting platform can run on almost any server.

But what many people do not recognize is that WordPress isn’t always only a running blog tool. It is also a rather bendy CMS content management gadget that allows you to construct and control the complete functions of your internet site using only your web browser. Best of all, it’s miles absolutely unfastened. It is constantly enhancing and evolving. That’s because WordPress is an open-supply task. Because of this, loads of volunteers worldwide are continuously growing and strengthening the code for WordPress software. Hundreds of plugins, widgets, and subject matters enable you to construct a custom website for almost anything you could imagine.