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One of the best matters approximately Tessla WordPress is the capability to add extra functionality and functions for your website by way of in reality installing plug-ins. There are heaps of loose plug-ins on-line so that you can play with and those can surely offer an exquisite experience to each you as a webmaster and to the readers of your internet site.

As a brand new WordPress webmaster, I went a touch loopy with plug-ins. It seemed that on every occasion I went looking for some thing I’d come upon a brand new one which supplied a whole new function that I’d in no way even concept about! I become putting in these items all around the region and it quickly was given a bit out of control. Here are some recommendations that could help you manage…

Tip#1) One at a time

Most of the time while you are searching out a plug-in to do a particular element you’ll find several that do the same or similar characteristic. I’ve determined it excellent to try them out one by one until you locate the only that works the excellent. At instances, if you deploy several and try and play with them you could get an mistake which is because of what is referred to as “plug-in war.” This can be demanding as a minimum and at worst will prevent you from figuring out what the problem absolutely is and you can omit out at the proper plug-in. Be positive to uninstall any making a decision now not to apply as well.


If you have not yet had this appear it probable will. As noted above there might be a time whilst you deploy a cool new plug-in simplest to discover which you get either an error, something is off along with your website or your web site might even crash. Don’t panic. Most will include a mini dashboard of their own (get right of entry to from the Admin side) that calls for a few setting adjustment or records before they work well. If you cannot locate the trouble check the WordPress Forums or the builders’ internet site for a likely restore. If you still can’t get it working right deactivate it then uninstall. Chances are there’s some other one out there as a way to do what you want without the issues.

Tip #three) Keep them up to date

WordPress is usually improving and changing. As the core software modifications, there might be more modern variations supplied. The equal hold authentic for plug-ins. Your web site will provide you with a warning whilst considered one of your plug-ins has a brand new replace or model to be had. Make certain to do the improvements! It’s a completely simple process commonly together with just one click on. If you permit these get obsolete you’re just soliciting for problems down the street. Thanks for analyzing and desire this enables!

While speakme approximately SEO and Google, we are able to word under estimate the Penalty that Google gives to replicate pages of your weblog. Don’t fear in case you aren’t privy to what’s “Duplicate Content Penalty,” it is defined below.

What is Google’s Duplicate Content Penalty?

It’s widely recognized that Google loves clean and particular content material. Hence it’s spider called Google bot preserve trying to find new content over the web global, if it unearths replica pages, having very identical content material, it’s going to penalize the later discovered web page by using not list in Google seek outcomes or giving lower SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking to it. Means if one in all your page got this penalty, it is going to be listed very decrease in search end result pages.

How is WordPress blog probably a victim of this penalty?

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Although, WordPress is simply brilliant blogging platform and Content Management System, however the only disadvantage of its miles lack of duplicated content material management. Here the functions of the WordPress it self-harms for its content issues.

Very first instance of duplicate content material is your homepage. Homepage of your weblog is in which your most latest posts are listed, means an repeated content as on your submit pages it self if now not using excerpt handiest on homepage.

The second example is class, date, month and tag archive. This characteristic of WordPress weblog offers a remarkable navigation enjoy to the user but in addition, affords duplicated content material. Date records are the all put up displayed to gather consistent with the date they’re published on. Similarly, category and tag records display posts published beneath particular class or assigned a unique tag.

Only precise content material you have is your post and your page, all different pages generated by using WordPress for more suitable navigation enjoy generates pages with this content.

How can I keep away from a Duplicate content material penalty to my WordPress weblog?

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Because of WordPress is widely used and most famous running a blog platform, the solutions to issues with WordPress are usually on hand. Here I have listed some recommendations and solutions to assist it to avoid duplicated content material from the list in Google.

Using plugins: You may additionally easily locate plugin from WordPress plugin directory. This plugin will either put no follow no index tag in duplicated pages or will use canonical URL in header of the page to say Google that this pages is identical to that web page, so kindly forgive this page from duplicate penalty.

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