If you’re using a WordPress blog on your website, you may, without a doubt, advantage. WordPress allows you to create a notable-looking website. It has some wonderful traits to integrate search engine optimization, social media, and different interactive elements to gain your enterprise. But, in case you’re the usage of a unfastened WordPress web page or a loose WordPress template, you could be promoting your online commercial enterprise short.

Are Free WordPress Sites Worth Using for Business?

Some websites trap you with the aid of imparting to host a WordPress weblog for you totally free. WordPress.Com is an example. Instead of getting a website URL that includes: yoursite.Com, your website online would study yourWordPressblog.WordPress.Com. Not simplest might you lose out on having a hundred% editorial manage over your internet site but your seek engine advertising efforts could now not pay off as a good deal as they could if you had your own domain. Not an amazing concept for the expert portrayal of a commercial enterprise.

Many business proprietors speedy realize the benefits of the small cost of investing in your personal domain and website hosting account. But a few still require convincing in the vicinity of website templates. If you’re certainly using a unfastened template on your enterprise web page, you can be promoting yourself quickly.


A particular identification is essential online. You want to stand apart, don’t you? Besides searching popular, many free WordPress templates are restricted in functionality. And past that, the writer of the template typically puts their hyperlink at the website online. In some cases, internet site owners don’t pay much attention to that reference hyperlink inside the footer in their website. The result is they can be sending customers to competitors or linking their website to a site that could probably damage their Google web page rank.


And while you use loose templates, you cannot continually manage them in the manner you want to; however, the template author has no reason to reply to your questions. By shopping for a WordPress template from a person, there is a responsibility to you that makes handling issues or queries an entire distinctive ball recreation. You manipulate the website’s format, and you pick who to link to!

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Control Your Branding and Search Engine Marketing

When you spend money on a customized WordPress template hosted on your account, you invest in a website that can be absolutely managed by way of you. You will always have one hundred% say what happens on the web page, and you could manage the websites your blog hyperlinks to. Search engines see more price in websites that cautiously install navigation and carefully link to different relevant websites.

Sure, while you’re first starting, it may be tempting to apply loose resources to get your site up and going for walks. But starting matters off right is a wise choice. Fully customized or top-rate WordPress templates are in all likelihood a good deal less than you’d anticipate them to be. Investing in your own web hosting and your very own template allows you to put money into your online identity. The identity you are painting on your customers and capability clients will greatly impact how they react to your internet site.