Moving a piano by yourself is quite a risky task. If moved without the help of experts, it can cause damage to your piano and can also lead to costly property damage. You may also have to face a serious personal injury if not handled properly. So, the suggestion is to hire a professional piano mover company if you plan to move your piano from one place to another. An experienced piano mover has helped people shift their pianos throughout their professional lives. They know how to handle pianos with uneven weight, which you may be unable to do because of a lack of expertise.

Let us further see why you need professional piano movers.

1. Pianos are too bulky –

Pianos are made of heavy material, so you need two or more people to lift them. This is a strenuous job and demands special equipment for lifting. If you try to move it with the help of friends, chances are that someone may get hurt, and your piano will also get damaged.

 2. Sentimental value is attached to your piano –

For most people, pianos are a precious asset for them. Love towards music and their musical instrument, people can’t afford any damage to it. Moreover, for some, the piano is a family heirloom and thus has sentiments attached to it. In such a scenario, hiring professional piano movers can help. They understand your emotions and ensure they are treated with due care.


3. A piano can get damaged during a move –

You may see your piano as a strong and indestructible musical instrument, but it is extremely delicate in reality, and one wrong move can cause damage to it. Pianos are complex instruments that contain delicate parts inside. Moreover, some piano models have more than 7000 internal components. If, unluckily, some serious damage happens, it may turn out to be a costly affair for you. If its inner sound or playing mechanism gets disturbed, you may have to buy a new piano. So, instead of trying DIY, hiring a professional piano moving company firsthand is better. They may charge you a bit, but it will protect you from spending more on replacements and repairs.

4. Moving a piano without expertise can lead to accidents –

 The most important thing you need to understand right now is that no matter how valuable the piano is, your health is much more important and valuable. Due to the extraordinary weight, delicate nature, and unique dimensions of the piano, it is one of the most dangerous things to move from one place to another. Thus, DIY can lead to accidents that can turn into serious injuries such as crushed fingers, backache, and broken limbs in the worst case. Only an experienced piano mover can do this job quickly and safely.