Samsung is one of the main manufacturers of high definition televisions, whether LCD or Plasma HDTVs. Samsung even makes right rear-projection HDTVs. If you’re thinking about replacing your vintage television with a perfect HDTV, it is a great idea to forget a Samsung HDTV, like any top Samsung HDTV model.


Samsung UN55B8000

This LED-lit Samsung HDTV is one of the modern offered by Samsung and one of the slimmest. Indeed, the UN55B8000 is razor-skinny at 1.2 inches, even though its picture satisfactory is extra appealing, with popping colors and blacks, which can be amazingly pure for an LCD television. Unlike many LCD TVs, it gives fluid body transition, as well, due to its Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology. It also includes a bunch of cool functions, together with a sidebar for internet widgets, DLNA connectivity, and an extensive Content Library at the same time as supplying 4 HDMI inputs and a USB interface with a view to proportion your virtual photographs and movies with no trouble.

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Samsung UN46B7000

Like the UN55B8000, the Samsung UN46B7000 has an LED backlight, which contributes to the fact that it is mild, cool, and extremely power-efficient. It also has accurate colorations and deep black degrees, even as its judder processing and 120Hz refresh fee combine to create sharp and clean photos all at some stage, even in the course of speedy movement sequences. In terms of connectivity, it gives 4 HDMI inputs, a PC input so that you can use the display as a laptop display, two USB slots for sharing your pics, and an Ethernet port to hook up with your community.

Samsung LN46A950

The Samsung LN46A950 is also an excellent preference for an LCD HDTV. With its LED backlight, it reproduces black stages, which can be amazingly deep for an LCD television, in addition to correct hues. Other features consist of solid video processing, several pre-loaded interactive content material, 4 HDMI inputs, a PC enter, and an ethernet connection to move pics and videos from your community. It also has many photo controls, which permits you to calibrate the photo pleasant of this HDTV to perfection.

Samsung LN52B750

The LN52B750 may also lack an S-video enter and, more importantly, an LED backlight; however, it is a fantastic preference for an LCD HDTV. In truth, its black ranges are impressively deep for an LCD TV. Its movement sequences are clean, too, due to its excellent judder processing. Like different Samsung HDTVs, it gives built-in content material and Yahoo widgets and affords strong connectivity with 4 HDMI inputs and a PC input.

Samsung PN50B850

If you’ll find as an alternative personal a Plasma HDTV, this Samsung HDTV is an amazing desire, with many progressive features of its very own. It has a FilterBright panel to minimize glare and reflections, a Real Movie Mode for playing 24p alerts, and a 600Hz Subfield Motion pressure for clean fast-shifting scenes. The exceptional element about the PN50B850, though, is that it’s miles Wi-Fi geared up. All you need to do is purchase the Samsung Lipstick, and you are prepared to receive wi-fi alerts. You also can wire it to your network through an Ethernet connection or join your computer to its PC input. It also gives four HDMI inputs and two USB slots.

Samsung PN50A760

This Samsung HDTV is also a terrific desire for a Plasma HDTV. Like the PN50B850, it also has a FilterBright panel to lessen distractions, in addition to DLNA connectivity for community streaming. It has its personal outstanding features, although, consisting of advanced contour distortion discount, which delivers sharp photographs on curvy surfaces even all through fast-moving scenes; day and night time settings for choicest image satisfactory all the time, and InfoLink feature, which permits you to get entry to the trendy news, weather and other important facts with the push of a button.

Samsung HL61A750

Finally, if you would as a substitute get a rear-projection HDTV, you may want to preserve a watch out for this Samsung HDTV, which supplies outstandingly accurate shade temperatures and infinite black tiers for advanced image first-class. It has a great variety of connectivity options, including three HDMI inputs and a PC enter, even though it lacks a USB interface, an Ethernet port, or an SD card slot. It is relatively cheaper, too.