What’s Lifestyles?

We all recognize that a Life is born on this planet, grows, multiplies, and eventually stops all its activities through the process known as death. Lifestyles method the sports between birth and death for a commoner, whereas definitely, it isn’t so, as seen in this article. Also, for our theme, let us recollect human Existence for discussion because people have a particular property referred to as Intelligence, popularly known as the 6th feel. Using the distinctive feature of this unique potential, the guy does not now prevent the start and loss of life. However, he goes beyond that by studying The origin of Existence.

Life consists of 3 parts.

1. Existence is earlier than delivery, which needs to be rightly referred to as “Popularity of Life before start.”

2. Lifestyles throughout the length protecting beginning to dying and

3. Existence after death, i.e., Fame of Lifestyles after death.”

let us remember the above three factors, each from scientific and philosophical points of view.

1. Reputation of Life before beginning:

What is the Repute of Lifestyles before delivery? One should visualize a status past space, time, and conservation legal guidelines to understand this. It’s miles handiest for the duration of birth. Lifestyles enter the cloth Universe, consisting of area, time, and conservation legal guidelines. One greater pastime of Life is Notion, which has created the Universe around him wherein he’s dwelling.

Discussions about these factors are reserved for destiny, and what we’re discussing here involves the most effective bodily aspects of Lifestyles. Obviously, before birth, lifestyles are devoid of any physical memory. However, all plans are already coded in a plane above the cloth Universe, which is activated for the start duration in keeping with the inscribed secret code.

A. The writer of this newsletter proposes the concept of Master Sensible PLANetter. Inasmuch space and TIME belong to the cloth Universe; INTELLIGENCE belongs to an aircraft ABOVE the cloth Universe. The truth that Existence is constantly generated in diverse styles of residing beings leads us to think that there needs to be an aircraft that shops all lifestyle secrets. That generator has to include the complete genetic code in a diffused shape. That aircraft is known as Grasp Shrewd PLAN, implying that the secret code is inscribed within the form of a PLAN, a good way to spread in the direction of time as Existence proceeds.

In this creator’s opinion, Existence is not a great deal different from INTELLIGENCE. In other words, the most effective intelligent beings stay a guy with the highest intelligence. That Intelligence is in a Master plan with various genetic codes imprinted on it. That Grasp Intelligent Plan (M.I.P) is behind the manifestation of life, upkeep, and all the behavior we see on earth.

Like computer systems, Master Shrewd’s plan is also binary. (Or is it the alternative way? Let us provide a Thought over this). Remember, it is the Normal state, and Existence is an excited state. Count numbers, because of various reactions, chemical and bodily, can contact the lifeline that is none apart from the Grasp Sensible Plan and Life is fashioned. These reactions in the micro degree motivate a person’s Life and reason evolution at the macro level. This is an easy treatment of ways. Intelligence enters Life from Grasp Clever Plans to Lifestyles during the start.

B.Idea of ‘Aperiodic’ Crystal Introduced via E.Schrodinger, in His e-book “Ebook of Lifestyles.”

The above paragraph treated how Intelligence entered Lifestyles. Regarding the fabric aspects of Lifestyles causing physical frame, the Idea of an ‘aperiodic’ crystal was Added by way of E.Schrodinger to define the primary element creating Lifestyles. He envisaged a detail that isn’t always categorized by the periodic table, subsequently past fabric notion, and contained genetic records in its configuration of covalent bonds. Later, scientists who determined DNA recounted that Schrodinger’s aperiodic crystal was the forerunner of DNA, which carried the genetic code for generations. A look at RNA and DNA will clarify how the genetic codes imprinted within the Grasp Clever Plan are taken over technology after technology.

2. Life in the course of birth to dying:

A: Biochemical Theories of Lifestyles:

A cell’s protein-making machinery acts because of all biochemical reactions, and It is called the living nation. (in keeping with Prof Overdue R. Balasubramanian I.I.T, Chennai). The D.N. molecules are exchanged through mutations and are instrumental in producing proteins, which decide the biochemical characteristics. The complicated equipment uses current proteins for synthesizing additional proteins. A massive R.N.A is a key molecule in the protein-synthesizing mechanism. The basis for this construction mechanism is the name of the game code imbibed using the Master Wise Plan, as noted in the preceding paragraph.

B: Concept of Entropy and Terrible Entropy (as mentioned using E.Schrodinger):

In truth, the Idea of Terrible Entropy has given a new dimension to studying what’s Life. Let us first see what the definition of entropy is. The term entropy isn’t unique to a graduate student of Physics. It’s miles, a thermodynamic term, which means the unavailability of a machine’s electricity to paintings. A growth in entropy accompanies a decrease in power availability. The boom in entropy consequently observes all irreversible procedures in a closed system. Schrodinger takes up the famous Idea that increasing entropy is a measure of Disorder.

The entropy of the Universe is progressively increasing, and as a result, the Ailment also continues growing. This applies to all of the structures in the Universe till an External Employer interferes and reverses the route. That External Company inside the form of strength converts entropy as Terrible ENTROPY by giving sparkling electricity delivery, consequently converting Disease to order. Hence, entropy brings Sickness; Negative entropy brings order. Schrodinger applies this easy mechanism to Lifestyles.

In other words, It is the mechanism by using which any organism sucking orderliness from its surroundings is capable of life, and the widespread Universe is the Corporation which elements that orderliness. That manner is known as the Wise dwelling, and any intelligent living being receives its delivery of poor entropy (ORDER) from the environment. The Sun is the most powerful dealer of order for dwelling organisms, which affords all the assistance for a renovation of Existence.

B1: An Example of ENTROPY (Sickness) and Poor ENTROPY (order):

As discussed in the above paragraph, when entropy increases, Sickness will increase. In truth, It’s far unidirectional, just like the time arrow. Even the Sun, which contains large amounts of energy within the Sun gadget, is tormented by this law, and in the future, it may also be subject to the procedure known as Warmth death. However, the dwelling objects avoid the above regulation by deriving Bad entropy (order) from the universe surrounding them.

Intelligence is the motive that enables the dwelling beings to attract that order. For example, an ailment may be categorized as entropy, while the medicine that man has found in therapy gives an order that helps him extend his Life. Regular meals, sunlight, and others provide such energy to derive order. We will see an instance from a medicinal drug to spotlight how the Idea of Negative entropy nullifies Sickness.

B2: Instance of Penicillin as a dealer of Terrible Entropy:

The Concept of Negative entropy as a provider of ORDER can be carried out to medication, taking the disorder as the Disease and remedy as the order. We will recall PENICILLIN to explain the above. The Disorder results from gram-negative bacteria, which include the ones causing syphilis, meningococcal meningitis, gas gangrene, pneumococcal pneumonia, and a few staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. Penicillin is powerful against such problems in many cases. The penicillin class consists of ampicillin Anda Moxi lin with clavulanate, which contradicts gram effective and gram Terrible bacterias, which includes Haemophilias’ influenza, which efficaciously remedies the sickness. (extra information can be acquired from books on remedy in this subject matter)

B3: Co-Meditation as a supplier of Bad Entropy:

Occasionally, even a psychological guide will deliver vital strength to convey a returned order. In this regard, the announcement of J.Krishnamurti, the arena well-known Indian Logician (1896-1987), is quoted as follows:

Krishnamurti with a dying affected person:

Quote: He (the loss of life patient) said, “I am dying. Ailment, Incurable. And I’m frightened.” So I (J.K) sat with him, held his hand, and stated, “Let us die together.” “If there’s an attachment. I’ll die with you. You’re free of attachment. Unquote. That is what Ramana Maharishi did for his dying mom. Numerous Christian preachers carry out this co-meditation for the loss of life sufferers.

Co-meditation brings peace to the dying sufferers by infusing tremendous strength, otherwise called ‘Terrible entropy,’ in bodily aircraft. However, the loss of life is certain for organisms. Over time, the residing being loses its strength in drawing order and eventually ceases to exist, which is called dying. Hence, introduction by way of the Master Clever Plan, maintenance by way of supplying Order and destruction with the aid of demise goes on endlessly, and the Universe in no way ceases to exist.

B4: Religion: BHAGAVAD GITA on Terrible Entropy:

When seeds are sown, they must be properly fertilized. In addition, the weeding-out technique is also to be completed. If evil people become a majority, the world could be completely ruined in sensible Existence. What is the way to compensate for this disease and bring It?

Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita, says: “Every time Dharma (ORDER) decreases, and Adharma (Disease) starts ruling, in every such age (YUG), I shall show up myself in movement, I shall eradicate the evil and establish the best. (Verse no eight, bankruptcy IV). If one is familiar with the truth behind this verse, he need not worry that the Universe will come to a stop someday, while the Truth is that it will stay there for all time.

What more do we want to outline the Concept of Terrible Entropy, which E.Schrodinger delivered in his ebook?

3. The fame of Life After a loss of life:

Religious leaders and scriptures have informed numerous methods that there may be death simplest for the bodily frame; however, the scheme behind it called SOUL in no way dies. Hindu Philosophy has positioned a KARMA idea stating that in line with the Karma (acts) carried out On this delivery, Life is going to the following delivery. Without going to the deserves or demerits of the above, let us see how Life goes to destiny lives.

It’s miles the author’s firm conclusion that Lifestyles can tour best via the name of the game code written in GENES, transmuted from Grasp Wise plan through RNAs and DNAs. There is no different manner for Lifestyles to tour. The genes are transferred all through life itself to the destined generations. The onward transmission of DNA and RNA by reproduction constitutes the transformation of Lifestyles into future lives wearing over the genetic codes.

On the one hand, a brand newborn toddler has Existence because of inherited genes. On the other hand, it improves intelligence through various experiences and information gained from schooling during its lifestyle length. At some point, it transfers that code by similar reproduction. There is no demise for the name of the game codes inscribed within the genes. They’ve carried over generation after generation and stay perpetually. In other words, a transformation of CODES from the Grasp Wise PLAN is delivery. Transformation because of numerous reports is Life, and carrying them over to future generations can be known as Re-beginning.


In this text, we noticed the following points:

1. numerous genetic codes are inscribed in the minutest shape, Master Clever PLAN.

2. They’re transferred to Intelligent Lifestyles through aperiodic crystals (propounded through E. Schrodinger), which were later acknowledged as DNA and RNA molecules.

3. Residing beings enhance upon the organism by increasingly gaining intelligence and drawing order from surroundings, known as poor entropy. (E. Schrodinger). Examples have been given, starting from the remedy, co-meditation, and the Bhagavad Gita and Holistic Philosophy.

4. The genetic codes do not die but are carried over to future generations, and the procedure continues forever.