Trying to find a TCF bank in St. Cloud, Minnesota? Look no further! Here is a list of the closest TCF banks to your location.  With TCF Bank you can find the closest bank branch in your area and make a deposit or withdraw money. The easiest way to find the closest TCF Bank branch is by entering your zip code. It’s important to note that TCF Bank may be found in other zip codes or cities near St. Cloud, MN. In the last decade, TCF Bank has grown from a regional bank with 3 branches to a national bank with over 400 locations in 39 states. But what is the history behind the growth of TCF Bank? Why did TCF grow so fast in St. Cloud?

TCF Bank is a community-focused financial institution. By providing convenient banking options for people in their local communities, we believe we can help people build wealth and reach their financial goals. We have been able to establish several TCF Bank locations throughout the Midwest since our founding in 1917. With the latest expansion, we are now serving customers in over 35 states. We know you live here, so why not give us a call at 888-932-6911 to find out how we can help you with your banking needs.

TCF Bank

Find the Closest TCF Bank to You in St. Cloud, Minnesota

The story of TCF Bank is a story of growth, innovation, and collaboration. The bank has more than 100 locations across the United States, but they all have one thing in common: a unique culture of community. As the bank’s website puts it, “Community is at the core of everything we do.” TCF Bank is a part of the TCF Financial Corporation. The corporation has a mission to provide financial services that are designed to enrich lives and strengthen communities. To achieve this, they need to be close to their customers.

When TCF Bank opened its first branch in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 2010, they were excited to provide their customers with a convenient banking experience. They saw an opportunity to serve the community, and they jumped on it. Today, TCF Bank is still growing, and they have plans to open another location in St. Cloud. As they continue to grow, they are looking for ways to maintain the community focus they started with.

How to Use the TCF Bank Routing Number

The routing number is the primary way that TCF Bank customers access their account information. It is the bank account number that identifies your TCF Bank account. Your routing number is a nine-digit number that you can find on your monthly statement. In most cases, the routing number is located at the bottom of the statement.

Use the routing number when logging into the internet banking website. It’s also important to use the routing number when making a transfer between accounts. To check your TCF Bank routing number, go to the “Account Info” tab and select “Routing Number.” If you need to change your routing number, visit our website or call our customer service team at 877-898-7272.

What is a TCF Bank Routing Number?

A TCF Bank routing number is a unique identifier for each account that is used to track transactions and other financial activities. They are also used for making payments and accessing your account. A TCF Bank routing number is a 15-digit number that starts with a 4. The routing number is typically found on the back of your checking or savings account statement. If you are opening a new account, you can use the routing number to identify your account.

Where to Find the TCF Bank Routing Number

With a TCF Bank routing number, you can access your account information, view statements, make deposits, and transfer funds. All you need to find the TCF Bank routing number is the address of the branch. Here are a few ways to find it:

Go to the TCF Bank website and click on the “Find a Branch” button.

Go to the TCF Bank mobile app and tap on the “Accounts” tab. Scroll down until you see “Branches” and then select the one closest to you. You can also call the TCF Bank customer service number, or visit the nearest branch. Once you have the TCF Bank routing number, you can easily access your account and manage your finances.

TCF Bank Routing Number

Many people ask how to get a TCF Bank routing number, and most banks don’t provide one. However, this is a misconception. While TCF Bank does not publicly disclose its routing number, you can find it easily on the back of your account statement. You can also check your routing number online by going to the TCF Bank website and entering your account number. As you can see, TCF Bank’s routing number is TCFBKG00096678.

Frequently Asked Questions TCF Bank

Q: Why is it important to know where the closest TCF Bank is?

A: Knowing where the closest TCF Bank is is very important because if you ever need help finding a bank, it will be easy for you to find the nearest TCF Bank.

Q: Can I find the nearest TCF Bank by searching online?

A: Yes, you can! Just enter your address in the search box.

Q: Where can I find more information about TCF Bank?

A: You can find additional information about TCF Bank at

Q: How much does it cost to open an account with TCF Bank?

A: Opening a new savings account with TCF Bank is free. However, there are other ways you can save money when you open an account.

Top 3 Myths About TCF Bank

1. The closer a TCF bank branch is to me, the more convenient it will be for me to visit them.

2. I should choose the closest bank to my home because I can take a shorter drive to get there.

3. The closer a TCF bank branch is to my home, the more convenient it will be for me to go there.


As you may already know, TCF bank is a financial institution based in St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is owned by TCF Financial Corporation, one of the largest financial institutions in the US. It was founded in 1856, and it has branches across the country. Today, the bank is known for offering various services to its customers.