If your WordPress website uses 0.33-celebration plugins, you will be experiencing records loss and different intricate conduct without knowing it.

WordPress Plugins

Like many of you, I’ve become pretty attached to WordPress over the past 15 years. By way of some distance, the most popular content management machine, powering 28 percent of the Internet, is the quickest growing, with over 500 websites created on the platform every day. Considering myself well-versed in software programs, I was surprised to discover that running a virtual layout task for a consumer could be the Y2K of WordPress. Many WordPress plugins suffer record loss, and this problem will quickly explode if not properly addressed.

The difficulty is that WordPress discards whole datasets even if the handiest one of the statistics factors within the set incorporates too many characters for the insertion area. Because WordPress doesn’t log the data loss or related mistakes, few builders are privy to the problem. And due to one particular situation involving storing a tourist’s statistics when they’re connecting with an IPv6 address, the scenario is exponentially worse.

WordPress plugins

Blogger vs. Blogspot

Unbeknownst to many customers, website proprietors, and builders alike, those longer IPv6 addresses are becoming increasingly greater. Those new addresses won’t shape into the database fields developers have used for years. Furthermore, WordPress especially validates that each part of a statistics set to be stored will match for protection purposes. In the instance above, if the IP address is too long, WordPress discards the entire record (not just the oversized IP address string). Worse, WordPress doesn’t log stakes while this takes place. The documents are cost to the ether without leaving a trace. This -year-vintage WordPress bug thread suggests that the WP middle devs have recognized that the community didn’t like this; nevertheless, they haven’t addressed it.

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Yes, this currently affects information crom IPv6 addresses (ppproximately 17 percent of customers). But even as IPv6 use may be inside the minority proper now, it aisn’tbe for lengthy, and as it turns into most people, those unexplained problems with information loss will attain pandemic proportions if left untreated.

Just how full-size is that this?

1.02 million energetic WordPress plugin installs are silently discarding actual visitor logs, content submissions curated through users, and greater, proper now, all because IPv6 addresses are a gift within the information being stored. Here are some other exciting stats:

This problem can affect programs other than WordPress; virtually, any utility that utilizes IP addresses and shops them in MySQL/PostgreSQL tables (mainly in STRICT mode, which could save you row inserts) wherein the column max is watching for a fifteen-character IPv4 IP address.

Debuggin’ the plugin

I uncovered this situation awhilelately operating on a domain that needed a rating system that allowed authenticated users to vote on particular put-up kids. So certainly, I dsearched forpresent plugins that might meet the necessities and observed one fairly quickly, CBX Rating, and it becomes a breeze to configure and get running. Then came the intermittent reports of the shape submissions no longer going tthrough

I spent hours deactivating different plugins, digging through code, and guiding users through screen sharing. I changed into not being ble to slim it down or find any smoking gun. No fulfillment message, no eerrormessage, no mistakes inside the console log, nothing within the server logs. How ought torm submissions bfailwithouterrorss?

I remembered something I had visible in WordPress earlier than row inserts silently failing if the statistics strings had been longer than the table column maximums. So I shifted my interest to the backstop, and that’s where I observed the trouble ,and my boss, Erik Neff (the business enterprise’s CTO), helped me become aware of precisely why it changed into going on.

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MySQL databases, not in STRICT mode, will truncate values if they’re over the max man or woman count number for a specific column and will insert the brand new record with a warning. When in STRICT mode, MySQL will nt accept theformd and will greturnto llaundering However, WordPress received a query if it determines the period is longer than the max and could alternatively go back fto ake, with no mistakes or caution.

When using the WordPress $wpdb->insert technique, aou get returned a 1oneupon achievement and a 0 upon failure. But a feature is known aarlier than any MySQL statements are achieved, and that’s where the problem lies. The function is called covered characteristic process_field_lengths, and iiteexaminesto peer if the statistics’ length is much less than the max allowable duration for that table column. If thetimen is longer than allowed, the complete insert is aborted, and false is back without a bblundermessage or clarification. This is known trouble with WordPress middle and makes debugging ta lotmore difficult.

The CBX Rating plugin we had been using didn’t account for this failure point. I checked the plugin’s desk schema and sincreasedvarchar max lengths throughout the board. Touchdown! Soon after, I got the wind from customers of all sorts that each paperwork has been now being submitted effectively.

My mind raced to how this wwouldbe a virus, so Erik and I got down to decide the dimensions. The result of a (rather lengthy) check of WordPress plugins yielded a listing of every location an IP address field changed into declared with an incorrect duration. You can discover the one’s effects within the Google sheet that I’ve made public.

6 Free and Essential WordPress Plugins for 2012

Essential WordPress Plugins

With a developing list of over 20,000 plugins, now and then, it’s a little complicated ito identifyjust which plugins to apply! This is a brief review of 12 vital WordPress plugins tach WordPress Blog should have. The desirable news is (at the time of penning this) they’re all aree. The under-vital WordPress plugins relate to enhancing WordPress capability, protection, search engine optimization, and Social Marketing.

#1 – Secure-WP

Security should usually be your first concern while something is on hand publicly on the net – this is why I rank Secure-WP as one of the mmostcrucial WordPress plugins accessible. Don’t get me wrong – WordPress does a top-notch task natively of securing your Blog, offering wthatyou keep the version updated.

However, Secure-WP bolsters that security and does away with oodles of statistics that chackers could utilizeand disposing of a few sensitive ffabricsfrom ppersonalmoney owed,wwhileretaining these records within the administrator’s account. Good stuff!

#2 – Spam Free WordPress

Spam is a HUGE hassle with WordPress blogs, making an anti-junk mail plugin one of the essential WordPress plugins. I use Spam Free WordPress, which appears to be doing pretty well. OThroughouta 6-month  it has blocked over 8,000 junk mail remarks, a range ohat seems to grow exponentially. Now imagine having to undergo forty-50 spam remarks in line with the day! One of the key reasons we use plugins is to keep time, and Spam Free WordPress genuinely accomplishes this!

Essential WordPress Plugins #3 – W3 Total Cache

After safety and unsolicited mail are looked after, website speed is the next aspect that involves the mind. No one ghasto awaitaround for 30 seconds for your website to load, so web page velocity is important. I’ll now mention a couple of vital WordPress plugins that help supercharge your internet site.

The first is W3 Total Cache. This plugin is vastly famous, downloaded nearly 1.2 million times! It enables you to speed up your site ubyimproving server overall performance, caching each element of your website, decreasing download times, and offering transparent content transport network (CDN) integration. In brief, it makes your WordPress Blog quicker!

#4 – WP-Optimize

WordPress is ddatabase-packed The more efficient the database is, the quicker pages can be accessed from the database, tand he quicker your website masses to your site visitors. However, over the years, a WordPress database can become polluted with useless facts (together with deleted content material, spam feedback, antique web page revisions, and many others). This will increase the overall length of the database and willimprovee access times to that database. The cease result -is thatyour pages take longer to open. WP-Optimize cleans up your database robotically and maintains it streamlined by disposing of unnecessary records on an ongoing basis.

#5- WP Database Backup

In phrases of crucial WordPress plugins, backing up your records is proper  It’s something awe alldepart until it’s too past due, after which we hadn’t. WP Database Backup makes it simple to back up the middle. The key issue here is that wthatyou can work up your web page with WP DB -without  and ,if need be ,can lease a freelancer to restore your sites. I would believe who would rate inside the location $25-50 – much less of a headache than rebuilding your web page from scratch!WordPress tables.

The one drawback to this plugin is that it’s a touch complex to restore if something doccurson your website online. There are alternative plugins ohat can be a lot gmoreuser-pleasant, iincludingBackup Buddy, but that is sadly no longer a free plugin, priced at $75 for two WordPress websites.

#6 – Broken Link Checker

There’s nothing gmorefrustrating than clicking on a hyperlink and getting the “page not found” error. While that is frustrating for the traveler, it also typically ipushesthat traveler (and potential purchaser) away from your website. The Broken Link Checker can screen hyperlinks for your posts, pages, feedback, Blog, and custom fields, and reviews are broken hyperlinks to you both via your WordPress dashboard or tmail.